This section provides detailed information and explanations of all IEEE Internal Audit Services. IEEE Internal Audit Services are available to meet all audit requirements as shown in IEEE Policy 9.9, Policy 10.1.10 and IEEE Policy 11.2.E.1(c) (PDF, 801 KB).

On this page, you will find the necessary information and forms to assist in gathering the required documentation for an effective, reliable audit. In addition, there is a glossary of common terminology, a list of helpful guidelines, and IEEE Internal Audit Services contact information.

Mission statement

To improve IEEE’s operations through independent, objective assurance and consulting activities; Internal Audit supports the IEEE Mission and Aspirations by evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes using a systematic and disciplined approach.

View the IEEE Internal Audit Charter (PDF, 210 KB)

Selection of auditors

When an audit is required, the IEEE Internal Audit Department will perform an audit of the financial reports and records for the given entity (i.e., IEEE Sponsored Conferences, IEEE Geographical units, or Standards Working Groups).  The audited entity is also free to select the auditor of their choice, provided that they are an independent, professional outside source (with Internal Audit's concurrence).

Audit request list

Audit Request Lists will assist in gathering the required information/documentation necessary for a complete audit. 

For IEEE Sponsored Conferences: Conference Audit Request List (PDF, 57 KB) will assist with gathering the required information/documentation necessary for a complete audit.

For IEEE Regions & Sections GeoUnits: GeoUnit Audit Request List (PDF, 86 KB).

For Standard Working Groups: SWG Audit Request List (PDF, 277 KB).


Submission of documents and record retention

Meeting documentation for an audit may be submitted in any format. Files may be sent electronically to or can be mailed to:

IEEE Operations Center
ATTN: Internal Audit Department
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854

IEEE Internal Audit will store documents for the proper retention period.


How the audit fee is calculated

Internal Audit's fee is based on the greater of either actual revenue or expenses multiplied by .006. For example, the audit fee for a conference with revenue of US$250,000 and expenses of US$190,000 would be calculated as follows: US$250,000 x .006 = US$1,500. The maximum audit fee charged for an audit is US$6,000.

Glossary of terms/Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful accounting guidelines to assist Treasurers


The Internal Audit Department is:

Rupa Paranjape
Sr. Director, Internal Audit
+1 732 562 5370

Caitlyn Chow
Manager, Internal Audit
+1 732 981 2872

Brigitte Cardenas 
Internal Auditor
+1 732 562 2658

Alice Kayego
Internal Auditor
+1 732 562 6349

Saketa Chadalavada 
Sr. Internal Auditor
+1 732 562 5546

Tanuja Deshmukh 
Manager Internal Auditor
+1 732 562 2650

If you have any suggestions, concerns, or questions for the department, or need help in finding specific information on the website, please send an email to Your feedback is valuable.