The Conference Publications Committee recommends to both the IEEE Conferences Committee and the TAB/PSPB Products and Services Committee new requirements or changes to conference publication processes; provides oversight review and guidance for operational aspects of the distribution of post-conference content. 

The Conference Publications Committee reports to, and is a Committee of, the IEEE Conferences Committee and TAB/PSPB Products & Services Committee. 

CPC leadership

Shashank Gaur headshot.

Shashank Gaur, Chair, Conference Publications Committee (CPC)


Dr. Shashank Gaur (Ph.D., M.S., B.E.) is Manager, Pre-Sales, Systems Engineering at TTTech Auto, the Austrian technology company providing safe software and hardware platforms for automated driving. Shashank actively contributes to topics such as Communications and Scheduling in various domains including automotive. Shashank has been actively involved with the organization of multiple conferences such as ICC, GLOBECOM, RTSS, CPSWEEK, WFCS, etc. Shashank has been an IEEE volunteer across various OUs such as MGA, Region 8, TAB and ComSoc.

Fred Schindler headshot.

Fred Schindler, Past Chair, Conference Publications Committee (CPC)


Fred Schindler is TAB VP elect, past Division IV Director, past chair of the IEEE Conferences Committee, served as MTT President in 2003 and IMS General Chair in 2009. He is active in several boards and committees in IEEE and the MTT. He works as an independent consultant and serves as CTO of Anlotek Ltd. Previously he has led teams Qorvo, RFMD, IBM, ATN Microwave and Raytheon, focused on RF and microwave semiconductors. His column has appeared in IEEE Microwave Magazine since 2011.




CPC organizational roster

CPC charter

The CPC Charter outlines the scope, functions, composition, and other noteworthy information about the committee. 

Read the Conference Publications Committee Charter (PDF, 2.46 MB)


Current CPC initiatives

Replacing the Packing List Generator

CPC is coordinating with PSPB and ICC on a conference publication portal, originally envisioned by the Joint TAB/PSPB ad hoc on Publication Strategies. This portal will provide a convenient replacement for the Packing List Generator (PLG) and offer additional functionality. It will interface with a range of paper management tools commonly used by IEEE conference organizers.


Improve the Conference experience in IEEE Xplore®

IEEE Xplore® has the capability of organizing conference proceedings content by session and day. The information to support the functionality is not typically submitted by organizers, so most conferences are not able to take advantage of it. This is being addressed by automating the collection of conference session organization data via the PLG replacement.


Activities in Collaboration with IEEE Conferences Committee

CPC is working in collaboration with ICC and its Future of Conference IP (FuCIP) subcommittee on including additional types of conference content in IEEE Xplore®, and possible revenue distribution models. Many new types of content have been created during the COVID virtual conference era and are expected to persist as we migrate to hybrid events.

Information for conference sponsors and organizers

IEEE Xplore® Usage Data

Societies and Councils are encouraged to review IEEE Xplore® usage of their conference publications to 1. understand their conference publication revenue distribution share and 2. to provide guidance for TCS fee decisions. Data specifically used for revenue distribution calculations can be found on the TA Operations site. Comprehensive data on IEEE Xplore® usage can be found on the IEEE Xplore® Analytics site. IEEE sign-in is required for both sites.


Early Access (beta)

Early Access, which is being offered to 100% financially sole-sponsored IEEE conferences, is designed to increase speed to market and allow for accelerated access to research. Early Access allows conference proceedings to be available in HTML format via the conference’s mobile app, free of charge to registered conference attendees, prior to the conference start date. Those interested in Early Access should contact IEEE Conferences, Events & Experiences (CEE) to determine if the program is a fit for your conference based on established requirements/criteria.


Open Preview (beta)

Open Preview, which is being offered to 100% financially sole-sponsored IEEE conferences, is designed to increase speed to market, allow for accelerated access to research, as well as early promotion and visibility for the conference. Open Preview allows conference proceedings to be available in the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library and conference mobile app (if applicable), free of charge to all IEEE Xplore® customers, prior to the conference start date. Those interested in Open Preview should contact IEEE Conferences, Events & Experiences to determine if the program is a fit for your conference based on established criteria.