Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Q:   How will I know if my final paper submission was received?
A:   You will receive an e-mail confirmation to the e-mail address you entered when you created your author account.

   How can I upload my file when my system keeps timing out?
A:   Your file is too big, or your Internet connection is too slow, or a combination of both. If your file is large, please compress it before uploading.

   How do I fix problems such as missing graphics, missing characters, or heading not in the right place in the PDF proof?
A:   Be sure not to approve this PDF. First, verify that these errors do not exist in your source document. If they do, correct your source document. Then go to your author account, delete the first PID, then select <Upload/Revise Paper> and upload your revised source document. If the errors do not exist in your source document, go to your author account and select <Request Manual Conversion>. Describe what and where the errors are in the window that will be provided and a revised PDF will be created for your review.

Q:   Who do I contact if I have difficulty creating my account or uploading my file?
A:   Send an e-mail to [editor] at [editor_email] to request assistance. Provide your conference ID and include a description of the problem you are having. If you have created an account, please provide the e-mail address you used to create the account.

Q:   How do I fix a mistake I found in a PDF I already approved?
A:   Go to your account and verify that the Submit New Title button is still available. If it is not available, contact [editor_email] for assistance. If it is available, delete the approved PDF. After you receive confirmation that your file was deleted, upload your revised source document. You must also resubmit your copyright.

   Why am I not receiving e-mails from the IEEE Conference eXpress File Submission site?
A:   The most common reason is that the author’s e-mail server is rejecting the e-mail as SPAM. Either notify your IT Administrator and request the e-mails be allowed or use an alternate e-mail address that will allow the e-mails. To change your e-mail address:

  1. access your IEEE Conference eXpress account;
  2. click on the “Edit Account Information” link located on the left of the screen;
  3. update the e-mail address. This update will also change your account log-in e-mail address.

   How do I add author names to the metadata?
A:   Author names can only be added before you finalize metadata. First, notify [editor_email] of your intended revisions. Then access your IEEE Conference eXpress account and select the <PIDnumber> link located to the left of your paper title. The information last entered about this paper is displayed. Update any information necessary, and be sure to select the Update Paper Information button before exiting. Only authors that appear on the final PDF will be displayed in IEEE Xplore®.