Bell Labs Technical Journal

Bell Labs Technical Journal is read and referenced by sci-tech researchers and technology professionals in academic, research, and governmental communities; in standards bodies; and by Alcatel-Lucent customers, technical peers and competitors.


China Communications Magazine

Covers innovative technologies and systems in the broad field of information- communication technology.

Format(s): Electronic, Electronic and Print, Print


Communications Society Digital Library Plus, IEEE

More than 140,000 documents from IEEE Communications Society publications in a powerful, convenient library. Includes all legacy papers dating back to 1953. Access available via IEEE Xplore.


Communications Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE

Each tutorial reviews currents communications topics in network management and computer and wireless communications.

Format(s): Electronic


Computing in Science & Engineering

Features the latest computational science and engineering research along with departments covering news and analysis, CSE in education, and emerging tech.

Format(s): Electronic, Electronic and Print, Print


IEEE Access

The scope of this all-electronic, archival publication comprises all IEEE fields of interest, emphasizing applications-oriented and interdisciplinary articles.


Aerospace and Electronic Systems Conferences Digital Library, IEEE

Papers from AESS Conference from current year to early nineties.


Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine, IEEE

Publishes articles concerned with the various aspects of systems for space, air, ocean, or ground environments.

Format(s): Electronic, Electronic and Print, Print


Annals of the History of Computing, IEEE

Covers the breadth of computer history through scholarly articles by leading computer scientists and historians, as well as firsthand accounts by computing pioneers.

Format(s): Electronic, Electronic and Print, Print


Antennas and Propagation Magazine, IEEE

This magazine covers all areas relating to antenna theory, design, and practice: propagation.

Format(s): Electronic, Electronic and Print, Print