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IEEE, through IEEE Brain and multiple IEEE Societies and Councils, is dedicated to promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration and coordination to advance research, standardization and development of technologies in neuroscience to treat diseases and to improve lives. We cover a broad range of topics, including brain machine interfaces (BMIs), bioelectronics, computational neuroscience, neuromorphic computing, neuroethics, and other emerging areas.

Join the IEEE Brain Community to stay involved and connected with others in neuroscience research and neurotechnology development. The Community delivers engagement through leadership opportunities, professional development, standards development, technology roadmaps, neuroethics guidelines, entrepreneurship workshops and other programs designed for engineers, scientists, clinicians, ethicists, lawyers, and others interested in advancing this field.

IEEE Brain gives you access to valuable information and resources including the IEEE Brain web portal, e-newsletters, conferences, educational material, publications, podcasts, standards, and more. As an IEEE Brain Community member, you will receive added benefits, including free and discount to content (e.g., on-demand webinars) and event registrations.

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