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Join the IEEE Brain Community to find out more information on and participate in what IEEE is doing in the area of brain. IEEE, through its Brain Initiative and multiple Societies and Councils, is dedicated to advancing technologies that improve our understanding of brain function, revolutionizing our current abilities to reverse engineer neural circuits in both the central and peripheral nervous systems, developing new approaches to interface the brain with machines for augmenting human-machine interaction and mitigating effects of neurological disease and injury, and much more. IEEE will work with multiple constituencies in academia, industry and government, and we welcome your contribution and participation in the Brain Community.

Stay in touch through this community on the initiative work focused on brain. Plans are under way to capture all the different perspectives via in depth discussions, and to drive to a set of results which will define the scope and direction for the initiative. This community will help you stay abreast of developments in brain and neuroscience research. As a participant of this community, you will receive communications of news and announcements of conferences, standards, publications, education, and other opportunities for keeping at the forefront of research, development, and planning.

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