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IEEE Digital Reality is taking the lead in advancing immersive technologies including virtual/augmented/mixed/extended realities and potential future reality spaces. Through these technologies, the physical and digital will blend together seamlessly and ubiquitously, leading to a monumental shift in the way we interact with our surroundings and communicate with each other. Expanding its scope to include autonomous systems, AI, digital twins, and their socioeconomic implications, IEEE Digital Reality now explores a convergence of technologies that are fostering and enabling the ongoing Digital Transformation. We are working with multiple constituencies in academia, industry, and government, and we welcome your contribution and participation in the IEEE Digital Reality Technical Community.

Stay in touch with this initiative and its work in immersive technologies, AI, human augmentation, smart robots, wearables, and the Digital Transformation at large. Plans are underway to capture all the different perspectives via in-depth cross-disciplinary discussions and to drive to a set of results which will facilitate disruptive innovations and foster cross-industry collaborations.  As a participant of this community, you will receive communications of news and announcements of conferences, education, publications, standards, and other opportunities for keeping at the forefront of research, development, and planning.

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