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The IEEE Computer Society Strategic Technical Community on MultiCore (STCMC) aims at promoting research, development, education, and standard activities related to multicore and many core technologies by providing a place for discussion by communities from academia, industry and government. Activities may include leader summits, international conferences, workshops, online lectures, or working with publications and standard committees. STCMC works in the overlap between multicore hardware, software, and application communities for embedded applications (such as for smart phones, tablets, cameras, movies, games, medical systems, transport, etc.), and those of the personal computers and servers, such as used at home, on the cloud, and up to the exa-scale supercomputers. Relevant application fields include basic sciences, natural disaster simulations, medical computations, space developments, financial engineering and so on, and encounter challenges to achieve high performance, decreased power consumption, ongoing reliability, and lowering software development costs. Please join and help us to create STCMC together.


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