Smart Grid Community, IEEE

Smart Grid Community, IEEE

Join the IEEE Smart Grid community to stay connected and informed about news and events as important technology developments and applications continue to unfold. Community members will receive announcements via e-mail.

The Smart Grid promises to revolutionize the production, delivery and use of electricity worldwide. Consumer adoption of the new technologies required to build a modernized electrical delivery system is key to its success.

Since the inception of the global Smart Grid movement, IEEE has been at the forefront of advancing technology and facilitating successful deployments throughout the world. IEEE touches virtually every aspect of the Smart Grid and serves as a global unifying presence. IEEE leverages its strong foundation and inclusive collaboration to evolve standards, share best practices, publish developments, and host educational Smart Grid conferences.

Other essential resources for Smart Grid innovators, architects and implementers are the IEEE Smart Grid Web Portal, the online monthly IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter, and IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid.


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