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The IEEE Computer Society Special Technical Community on Social Networking (STCSN) is the entry point for researchers and practitioners in social networking, fostering communication and interaction between people in the community. STCSN intends to be the agora for researchers with similar interests to meet and gather. In particular, this group is working towards technical co-sponsorships of scientific events (conferences, workshops, symposia, etc.), proposing special issues to renowned journals, regular E-Letter issues (including peer-reviewed original work), and monthly bulletin newsletters.

STCSN is interested in (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Social network services, applications, and tools
  • Social computing and social search
  • Social multimedia and social communications
  • Mobile social networking
  • Social network analysis and visualization
  • Standardization trends and federated social Web initiatives
  • Business models around Social Networks and Social Media
  • Societal and policy issues (e.g., identity, privacy and data protection)
  • Social media mining and knowledge discovery
  • Scalable processing of social network data
  • Social semantic Web
  • User behavior studies with respect to social networks and social media
  • User interaction design for social networks and social media


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