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IEEE Council on RFID

IEEE Council on RFID

The IEEE Council on RFID focuses on the theory and practice of matters relating to RFID (radio frequency identification) and RFID-related systems.

Council-sponsored activities provide participants the opportunity to publish and collaborate on research, network with colleagues, stay current on news and events, develop standards, and participate in educational activities.

Only IEEE or Society members may participate in the RFID Council. If you are a current member, simply add "IEEE Council on RFID" to your cart at the right, for free. If you are not already an IEEE or Society member, join any Societies which sponsor the Council on RFID: AP, CAS, C, COM, CE, EMB, ITSS, MTT, SSC, SMC, UFFC, VT. A complete list of sponsoring Societies can be found in the box to the right, under the link, "View list of sponsoring societies."

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