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Grow your career with membership in the IEEE Computer Society, the world’s leading organization of computing and information technology professionals.

What we offer:

  • 33 magazines and transactions
  • More than 9,000 conference publications
  • Learn, collaborate and network at 225 international conferences, 350+ worldwide chapters and 40 technical communities
  • 20 IT Professional Certifications and 9 Business and Desktop Certifications
  • 3,500 self-paced courses, 15,000 training videos, 24,000 reference books, and mentoring offered through SkillChoice Complete
  • Deep discounts on all conferences and events
  • Leadership opportunities, including the opportunity, lead, publish and speak
Fields of interest:
  • All major areas of computing and information technology: computer hardware, software, security, AI, multimedia, IT, networking, mobile computing, and more.
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Three membership options are available for corporate and academic professionals and students.

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