Nanotechnology Magazine, IEEE

Nanotechnology Magazine, IEEE

The scope of the Nanotechnology Magazine is all aspects of nanotechnology including theory, analysis, design, implementation, and applications related to creation of materials, devices, structures, etc. by manipulating matter at the nanometer length scale and taking advantage of novel (physical, chemical, electrical, mechanical, optical, magnetic, biological...) properties which arise solely due to the nanometer scale. Contents are written at a general level aimed at a broad audience. The magazine publishes articles covering new research and developments toward a broad audience, tutorials, and surveys in the field of nanotechnology in addition to industry news, research news, education news, policy news, opinion pieces, book reviews, updates on people, introduction to new tools and techniques, funding and meetings news, patent summary, and commercialization.

This publication is sponsored by the IEEE Nanotechnology Council. The Council sponsors are: the AES, AP, CAS, COM, CPMT, CI, C, CS, DEI, ED, EMB, EMC, IE, IM, Mag, MTT, PHO, RL, RA, SSC, SMC and UFFC Societies.

Frequency: 6

ISSN: 1932-4510

Product No: PER209

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