Cognitive and Developmental Systems, IEEE Transactions on

Cognitive and Developmental Systems, IEEE Transactions on

This publication contains original papers of archival journal quality in computational Autonomous Mental Development (AMD). Recent advances in computational intelligence, cognitive science, neuroscience, and robotics have stimulated the birth and rapid growth of this new research field. Mental development is a process during which a brain-like natural or artificial embodied system, under the control of its intrinsic species-specific developmental program residing in the natural or artificially designed genes, develops mental capabilities through its autonomous real-time interactions with its environments (including the brain's own internal environment) using its own sensors and effectors. The scope of IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems includes computational modeling of mental development in perceptual, cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and all other mental capabilities that are exhibited by humans, higher animals, and artificial systems. Also included are engineering applications of autonomous mental development, such as mechanisms enabling highly complex capabilities by robots and other artificial systems.

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