Internet of Things Magazine, IEEE

Internet of Things Magazine, IEEE

IEEE Internet of Things Magazine (M-IoT) publishes peer-reviewed articles on end-to-end IoT solutions. M-IoT articles are written by and for practitioners and researchers interested in practice and applications, such as corporate engineers working to design and deploy IoT applications every day. The technical focus of M-IoT is the multi-disciplinary, systems nature of IoT solutions. Additionally, M-IoT addresses important non-technical aspects of IoT such as privacy concerns and regulatory affairs that must be understood to successfully deploy and operate real-world IoT systems. M-IoT also communicates with readers about the activities of the IoT Initiative and contains regular sections to help the practitioner negotiate the IoT landscape: tutorials, publication reviews, product reviews, and information on IoT resources and events. M-IoT is a forum for practitioners to share experiences, develop best practices, and establish guiding principles for technical, operational and business success.

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