Terms and conditions

By opting in for automatic renewal, you hereby authorize IEEE on an automatic basis annually to:

1. Renew your IEEE membership and the member subscriptions that you have selected

2. Charge the applicable membership and subscription fees to the credit card that you place on file

Automatic renewals will be processed the second week of October each year, i.e., the week beginning with the second Sunday of the month. If you do not wish to proceed with automatic renewal for an upcoming membership year, you must opt out before the second week of October through your member profile in My Account on IEEE.org.

Eligibility qualifications

  • To be eligible for automatic renewal, you must hold one of the following grades of membership: Associate, Member, Senior Member, Fellow, Standards Association Member, or Society Affiliate.
  • Automatic renewal is not available for the special-circumstance memberships including minimum income, unemployed, permanently disabled discounts, or any other discount.
  • If you lose eligibility for automatic renewal, IEEE will no longer automatically renew your memberships and subscriptions. IEEE will notify you of the change prior to the deadline for regular, non-automatic renewal to give you an opportunity to renew your memberships and subscriptions manually. If you become eligible in the future, you will have an option to enroll in automatic renewal again.