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Grants Awarded in 2007

Thanks to the generosity of our donors who understand the importance of unrestricted giving, the IEEE Foundation was able to commit support from its General Fund to the following special initiatives in 2007.

Expanding the Global Impact of TryEngineering.org - US$20,000
IEEE Educational Activities
This grant will expand the reach of TryEngineering.org by funding the translation of the website into Portuguese. TryEngineering.org seeks to demystify the profession of engineering and to increase the propensity of students to choose engineering as a career.

Humanitarian Technology Challenge - 2008 Kick-Off Conference - US$40,000
IEEE Technical Activities
The Humanitarian Technology Challenge (HTC) is a new partnership between IEEE and the United Nations Foundation to identify relevant technological challenges that humanitarian aid workers face in the field and then tap into the innovation and solution-building capacity of IEEE's member to provide focused solutions to all or some of the challenges. This grant will fund the HTC Kick-Off Conference, which will bring together representatives from Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), IEEE Members and Volunteers, Corporations, Philanthropic Foundations and User Gateway NGO’s (organizations that can help implement the solutions) to set the challenges and the approaches to solving the challenges.  

Awesome Animations & Animatronics Outreach Program - US$33,924
The University of Western Australia, Crawley, WA, Australia
This grant will partially support a science outreach program to primary and secondary schools in metropolitan and regional Western Australia. The program, which expects to reach at least 5,000 students, will consist of an overview of computer science and information technology, an interactive presentation on topics such as artificial intelligence, robotics, or vision/visualization, and conclude with a hands-on session that involves the students interacting with robot dogs competing in a soccer world championship.

Queen of Peace Presents the Infinity Project - US$7,320
Queen of Peace High School, Burbank, IL, United States
This grant will partially support the implementation of The Infinity Project at the Queen of Peace High School, an all girl school in Burbank, IL, United States. Created by the SMU School of Engineering and Texas Instruments, The Infinity Project is an innovative, yearlong program that sparks students to pursue careers in engineering and technology by directly linking math and science concepts to the technologies that interest today's students. The Project uses the Internet, cell phones, digital cameras, and electronic music players to demonstrate to students how mastering math, science, and design concepts can lead to an exciting career.

HISTELCON 2008, IEEE History of Electrotechnology Conference - US$10,000
IEEE Region 8
This grant partially supports a two-day history of technology conference entitled HISTELCON 2008, IEEE History of Electrotechnology Conference, which will be held 11 to 12 Sep 2008 in Paris, France. The theme of the event is "From Semaphore to Cellular Radio Telecommunications".

Hong Kong - Xian Intercity Collaborative Learning - US$5,000
IEEE Education Society Hong Kong Chapter
This grant partially funds an inter-city collaborative pre-university learning project between the The Chinese University of Hong Kong TWGH Community College and Xian Union College. The goal of this project is to establish a sustainable international collaborative learning model among, China, Hong Kong, and the Western countries.

Initiating and Sustaining Change Exhibit – US$10,000
Women at Work Museum, Attleboro, MA, United States
This grant will partially support a new exhibit at the Women at Work Museum in Attleboro, MA, USA.  The exhibit entitled Initiating and Sustaining Change will open to the public on 3 November 2007.  Its displays and activities will illustrate the importance of engineering and showcase the achievements of women engineers throughout history.   Thousands of children, seniors, parents, educators, cultural and community leaders are expected to visit the exhibit and explore the exciting world of technology and engineering.

UKRI Section IEEE Student Congress Organization – US$5,931.43
IEEE Student Branch, University of York, United Kingdom
Creating the first ever IEEE Student Congress in the UKRI Section was the primary goal of this project.  Held on 2-3 June 2007 at the University of York, United Kingdom, the Congress provided students with opportunities to share ideas, meet distinguished senior IEEE Members and attend training sessions and motivational talks.

Nerd Girls Reality Television Series Pilot Episode – US$50,800
Karen Johnson and Paola DiFloria, United States
This grant partially supports the production of the pilot episode of “Nerd Girls”, a television documentary aimed at encouraging a female audience, ages 11-17, to consider entering engineering related fields.  The series will depict a group of young female engineers working together on fun and exciting activities, such as building a solar car, to show that engineers are not “book worms” and “eggheads”, but are well-rounded and interesting individuals.

IEEE GOLD Conference Tracks – US$8,500
IEEE Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD)
This grant supports the creation of a GOLD Track at existing IEEE international conferences.  These tracks will enable GOLD participants to work on and publicize thesis research, discuss industry practices and interact with established researchers.  The first conference where a GOLD Track will be presented is the IEEE International Engineering Management Conference in Austin, Texas, USA from 29 July to 1 August 2007.

XXVI Electrical Engineering Week – US$1,500
IEEE Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) Student Branch, Brazil
Annually, UNESP celebrates Electrical Engineering Week with a variety of technical activities, seminars and workshops aimed at improving the diverse skill set of its undergraduate students.  The IEEE UNESP Student Branch will use this grant to increase its active role in the planning and execution of the event.  The Student Branch will offer discounted admission and exclusive activities for IEEE student members thereby encouraging students who are not already IEEE student members to join the IEEE and support the Branch.

Stepping Stones for the Museum of the Future – US$19,550
Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil
This initiative takes the first three steps on the path toward the creation of the “Museum of the Future”, a non-profit organization that aims to promote science and engineering among the public, especially those that are victims of the digital divide in Portuguese-speaking countries around the world.  The first step of the project will be to organize a three day workshop to raise money and awareness for and about the museum.  The second step will center on designing and launching a web-version of the museum in Portuguese.  The third step will involve providing scholarships to local students to research the history of telecommunications in Brazil.

Hands on Practical Electronics (HOPE) – US$25,000
IEEE Student Branch, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, United States
Created by the IEEE University of California (UC) at Berkeley Student Branch, HOPE is a student run semester-long course composed of 12 ninety minute lessons to introduce electrical engineering in a fun, intuitive, and hands-on manner.  This grant will provide the resources needed to make the course materials developed by the IEEE UC Berkeley Student Branch available to all IEEE student branches by hosting a meeting with student representatives from each region, presenting the program at regional student branch meetings, and creating a website.  Through these objectives this fun and informative course will be able to be replicated around the world.

Cultural Exchange: A Social & Professional Exploration of North Italy - US$1,000
IEEE Leuven Student Branch, Belgium
This grant will partially support a five-day study tour for IEEE student members through northern Italy. During the tour, the students will visit the IEEE Padua Student Branch, as well as many technology corporations and cultural sites enhancing both their technical knowledge and cultural awareness.

Launching History Activities in IEEE Region 8 – US$9,000
IEEE Region 8         
This grant will provide a portion of the funds needed for IEEE Region 8 to launch a historical preservation program.  Through this program, IEEE Region 8 intends to conduct oral history interviews with prominent technologists and scientists within the Region; initiate the production of papers and the holding of a workshop on historical developments in electrical and computer engineering; and encourage Sections within the Region to gather and preserve its historical information.

Pre-College Website Contest – US$9,000
IEEE Student Branch at Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
This grant provides a portion of the resources needed to launch a Turkey-wide Pre-College Website Contest in which pre-college students will compete to design and develop the best school website.  Students participating in the contest will gain a real-world understanding of web design technologies and have a chance to win a variety of electronic prizes.  The schools will gain a website, which in most cases did not previously exist.

Top Secret Rosies: The Female Computers of WWII - US $10,000
LeAnn Erickson
This grant partially supports the creation of an educational documentary that shares the untold story of the 1942 secret U.S. military program to recruit college-educated female mathematicians who would become human ‘computers’ for the US military.  The documentary is expected to be released during 2008.

IMCL2007 Student Track – US$5,000
IEEE Education Society, Student Activities Committee
This grant supports the Student Track at the Second International Conference on Interactive Mobile and Computer Aided Language taking place 18-20 September 2007 in Amman.  This interdisciplinary student track aims to focus on the exchange of research results, as well as the presentation of practical experiences gained while developing and testing elements of interactive computer aided learning.

Project SMART – Science, Math, & Rotorcraft Technology – US$7,000
Clarkstown Central School District
This grant will provide half of the funds needed for the Felix V. Festa Middle School to run Project SMART during the school year 2007-2008.  Through Project SMART, students, ages 11 to 14, will participate in the assembly of a full-size RotorWay International Exec 162 F helicopter. This unique hands-on learning experience is designed to help these boys and girls explore and develop a broader and richer knowledge base in the areas of math, science and technology. 
Made in Egypt-Industry University Linkage Program – US$10,000
IEEE Egypt Section GOLD
This grant partially supports the 2007 Made in Egypt (MIE) competition in which teams of students, in their final year of study at Egyptian engineering universities design and build a graduation project based upon a real industrial case.  The goal of MIE is to provide the students with practical engineering experience, as well as help them improve their personal and leadership skills. 

IEEE Medal of Honor - US$60,000
Established in 1917, the IEEE Medal of Honor is the highest award bestowed by the IEEE. The Medal celebrates and honors an exceptional engineer who has dedicated his/her life to improving the world by recognizing a singular achievement or an extraordinary career in the fields of interest of the IEEE. The award consists of a gold medal, bronze replica, certificate and honorarium.

IEEE Founders Medal - US$15,000
This award recognizes that leadership is as important to professional progress as technical ability. Established in 1952, this Medal is awarded for major contributions in the leadership, planning and administration of affairs of great value to the electrical and electronics engineering profession. The award consists of a gold medal, bronze replica, certificate and honorarium.

IEEE Haraden Pratt Award - US$9,000
Named in honor of Haraden Pratt, an exceptional IEEE volunteer who gave 31 years of dedicated and distinguished service to the IEEE, this Award recognizes outstanding service to the Institute. The award consists of a bronze medal, certificate, and honorarium.