IEEE members have access to over 380 eBooks from the IEEE Press collection through IEEE Xplore®. The eBook collection spans a number of today's technologies across 15 different content areas and includes:

  • Practical handbooks
  • Introductory and advanced texts
  • Reference works
  • Professional books

This collection of eBooks is offered to members at no additional cost. Newer eBooks will be added every year.

Finding IEEE eBook Classics

  1. Log in to IEEE Xplore using your IEEE Account.
  2. Under the “Browse” heading, click on “Books.”
  3. Select the “Classics” tab from the top of the page. Under this tab you will find a listing of all the free titles. 


  1. Log in to IEEE Xplore using your IEEE Account. 
  2. Under the “Browse” heading, click on “Books.”
  3. On this page, you can browse alphabetically by book title, or if you prefer, browse by keyword, such as “software.”
  4. Once you find the book you’re interested in, within the results list, click on the title to go to its home page, which contains the abstract, bibliographic information, table of contents, and an image of the cover. If the title is included in the IEEE eBook Classics, you will see a green unlocked icon to the right of the book’s title, and individual chapters will have live links. If you prefer, there is also an option to download the entire book as one PDF file at the top of the book's page using the "Download Entire Book" link.

Usage guidelines

IEEE members are encouraged to take advantage of the outstanding free content available via the IEEE eBook Classics member benefit. Please keep in mind that IEEE eBook Classics chapter PDFs are for your sole use. Chapters should not be archived for distribution to third parties, and your IEEE username and password should not be shared.