IEEE members collaboratingIEEE is committed to working with other National Societies to aid engineers and scientists throughout the world. These cooperative relationships are established through a memorandum of understanding and are known as National Society Agreements.

IEEE currently has more than 70 formal National Society Agreements, spanning over 40 countries/regions. Many of the IEEE Technical Societies have supplemental, or additional, agreements known as "Sister Society Agreements," with these National Societies, as well as with industry associations.

Establishing a National Society Agreement

Start HereAs a result of action taken by the IEEE Board of Directors, there are some new processes and requirements for establishing a National Society Agreement. Please visit Establishing a National Society Agreement to find out more.


Value to IEEE members and the public

The goal of National Society Agreements is to enhance the professional and personal growth of a country's/region's engineers and related fields of interest. The cooperation is designed to assist in the development and elevation of technical skills, image, professional growth, and networking.

Value to the organizations

The cooperation benefits both organizations by increasing publicity, image, and interest in engineering and its related fields of interests. It can also lead to additional volunteer resources.

IEEE's commitment to cooperation

IEEE is committed to working cooperatively, not competitively, with local organizations in countries/regions throughout the world. The National Society Agreement approach has been successful by remaining flexible and responsive to different cultures, thought processes, languages, and political structures.

Formal and informal agreements

Cooperation can be formal (through a signed National Society Agreement) or informal. The decision depends on the country's/region's culture and the existing relationship between the IEEE Section and the National Society.

Joint events

Local IEEE Section and the National Societies develop ideas for cooperation and organize joint events, such as:

Keys to a successful agreement

Creation and implementation of joint activities, by the local IEEE Sections and the National Societies, are critical to success. These joint activities determine the real value of the agreement.

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