PDF eXpress, the IEEE-financed author tool that assists IEEE conference organizers in obtaining IEEE Xplore®-compatible PDFs from their authors, is online. The tool is free to all conferences that are enrolled in the IEEE Conference Publications Program.

Please note: The manuscript collection site can be used for author deposits of their validated PDF on the site for collection by the conference's publications or technical program chair.

How PDF eXpress works

Step 1: The Conference Organizer requests a PDF eXpress site when completing the IEEE Conference Publication Form.

Step 2: A customized PDF eXpress web page is created and is available exclusively to your conference authors.

Step 3: After the PDF eXpress site has been created, IEEE PDF support provides you with instructions to post on your conference website for your authors. These instructions reference the conference's Letter of Acquisition and address the requirement of placing the appropriate copyright footer on each article. Please be sure that all authors receive these important instructions.

Step 4: Prior to submitting their final papers, authors visit your conference's PDF eXpress site to either:

  • Convert their papers from their source application formats to Xplore-compatible PDFs
  • Check existing PDFs to determine if they are Xplore-compatible (and how to fix the PDFs if they are not)

Step 5: As soon as your authors verify that their PDFs are Xplore-compatible, they send these PDFs to you or your production team, or the conference organizer can choose to download the files online.

Step 6: Each PDF needs to be checked to verify that the creation date matches the last modified date. If the dates don't match, inform the author that the PDF cannot be accepted because the modification may have jeopardized Xplore compatibility.

Step 7: Once you have your conference's certified PDFs, you are ready to prepare the Conference Content for the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

Xplore Submission Assistance

Need help applying copyright footers (the CCC footer mentioned in the Letter of Acquisition) or creating a packing list?