IEEE Academy Smart Grid


The IEEE Academy on Smart Grid takes existing material about this key subject of interest and combines it with newly developed materials so the learner is guided through a logical continuous path that better ties the concepts and materials together.

The Academy is primarily for members who work in industry and need to understand new technical information quickly so they can apply it to their work.

At the completion of the IEEE Academy on Smart Grid, the learner will be able to demonstrate their new knowledge and will earn a certificate.


Technical areas

The IEEE Academy on Smart Grid will focus on the following technical areas:

  • Microgrid
  • Distribution Automation



Educator In Chief
Educator in Chief Peter Wung affiliated with IEEE Smart Grid




Peter Wung, IEEE Smart Grid









Technical Editors



Technical Editor of Microgrid Massoud Amin




 Massoud Amin




     Distribution Automation

Technical Editor of Distribution Automation Satish Saini affiliated with HydroOne




Satish Saini, HydroOne






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