Changes affecting the IEEE Fellow Class of 2024

Nomination Form Changes:

  1. Added “Gender” item
  2. Removed “Disambiguation Identifier” (ORCID and Scopus information)
  3. A first and second contribution can be categorized differently from each other
  4. Added a “Standards Contributor” category
  5. Changed the former “Application Engineer” to “Technology Innovator”

Reference Form Changes:

  1. Referee is warned that only the content of their reference will be shared with the Society/Technical Council (S/TC) reviewing the nomination
  2. The identity of the reference will be masked when it is sent to the S/TCs
  3. Reference is asked to identify the category of each contribution


Fellow Governance

View IEEE Bylaws (PDF, 2 MB)

Fellows Operations Manual (PDF, 470 KB)

Fellow Nomination and Evaluation Forms (PDF, 472 KB)

Fellow Committee Handbook (PDF, 686 KB)

Society/Technical Council Fellow Committee Handbook (PDF, 272 KB)


Fellow Guides

Nominator Guide (PDF, 820 KB)

References and Endorsers (PDF, 138 KB)

Society/Technical Council Evaluations & IEEE Fellow Judges (PDF, 370 KB)

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