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The IEEE CrossCheck Portal is available to all conference organizers and periodical editors to help screen manuscripts for plagiarized material. The IPR Office partnered with the IEEE Publications Technology department to develop the CrossCheck Portal as a stand-alone web application that can be used by any publications volunteer at any time.


What is the IEEE CrossCheck Portal?

The IPR Office has developed a stand-alone submission portal that uses the CrossCheck program and acts as a central submission center for publication volunteers. The CrossCheck Portal offers volunteers a full range of features designed to simplify and enhance their use of the CrossCheck service:

  1.  Simple and direct CrossCheck account creation
  2.  Easy uploads of individual and batch submissions
  3.  Displayed Similarity Reports
  4.  Direct support provided by IPR Office staff
  5.  Information center (User Guides and FAQ)

The convenience and full feature set of the CrossCheck Portal will appeal especially to conference publication volunteers who often work on a compressed review schedule and who must process a large volume of submissions quickly. The portal will also allow IPR Office staff to help volunteers manage the review of Similarity Reports.


How to access the IEEE CrossCheck Portal

IEEE publication volunteers who would like to use the portal to check submitted manuscripts are encouraged to contact the IPR Office for more information. Please complete the following registration form and staff will contact you with details on accessing and using the portal.

PLEASE NOTE:  Authors are NOT permitted to use the IEEE CrossCheck Portal.  The Portal is only available to IEEE publication volunteers for use with their IEEE publication.

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Full Name (First, Last):*

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Conference Record Number (if applicable):




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IEEE CrossCheck Portal User Guide and Tip Sheet

The Portal User Guide and CrossCheck Tip Sheet provide step-by-step instructions for using the CrossCheck plagiarism detection service. They also will help volunteers to review and interpret CrossCheck Similarity Reports and advise on what actions to take if any problems are detected.

IEEE CrossCheck Portal User Guide (PDF, 3 MB)

CrossCheck Tip Sheet (PDF, 254 KB)


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Prohibited Authors List (PAL) Database

The CrossCheck Portal also provides publication volunteers with direct access to the PAL Database. The PAL Database is an automated tool that compares a volunteer-provided spreadsheet of author names and email addresses against the database of authors who have been prohibited from submitting manuscripts to IEEE, and presents the results on screen (or in a downloadable file). The PAL Database also allows users to input an individual author’s name or email address for quick comparison against PAL metadata, or to browse the names alphabetically.

Publication volunteers can begin using the PAL Database immediately by logging in with their IEEE Web Account credentials. The PAL Database is always up to date with the most recent status of all prohibited authors. Volunteers who find a matching name are still advised to contact the IPR Office in order to confirm the identity of the author before taking any action.

To begin using the PAL Database, visit the CrossCheck Portal site. After logging in to the Portal, the PAL Database can be accessed by clicking the blue icon at the right of the screen. 


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