The new initiative program is designed to support potential new programs, products, or services that will provide significant benefit to IEEE members, the public, the technical community, and customers, or that could have a lasting impact on IEEE or its business processes.

Initiatives must be of strategic importance to IEEE. Please review IEEE's Strategic Plan, goals, and key initiatives. The process allows submission of a proposal at any time during the year.

Overview of the IEEE New Initiative Program

The IEEE new initiative process employs two funding tools allowing for proposals to be submitted at any time during the year.

All IEEE new initiatives that are submitted undergo a review by the IEEE New Initiatives Committee (NIC).

New Initiative proposals will be recommended by NIC to the IEEE Board of Directors for project funding. If the Board approves, project funding will be immediately available. Project reports will be made at least quarterly to the NIC, who will report to the IEEE Board of Directors and IEEE Finance Committee on status.

Additional information on the IEEE New Initiative Process