The IEEE Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Committee is responsible for making recommendations of the most qualified individuals, willing to serve, for various positions on the IEEE Board of Directors and its Committees.

The N&A Committee also provides the IEEE Board of Directors a recommended slate of candidates for IEEE President-Elect.

The IEEE Nominations and Appointments Committee is now accepting nominations for 2021 Assembly and Committee positions and the 2022 President-Elect position. Submit a nomination for yourself or a colleague. You will be taken to the online portal for the submission of nominations.

Please contact for any questions regarding the nominations process.


The objective of IEEE's nominations and appointments process is to:

  • Evaluate submitted nominations
  • Recommend, to the IEEE Board of Directors or the IEEE Assembly, the most qualified persons willing to serve
  • Increase the pool of qualified candidates

2020 IEEE N&A Committee membership

  • James A. Jefferies, Chair
  • Karen Bartleson, Past Chair
  • Jose M. F. Moura, Chair-Elect
  • Antonio C. Ferreira
  • Celia L. Desmond
  • Damir Novosel
  • David E. Mindham
  • Hulya Kirkici
  • Imran Ansari
  • James E. Matthews
  • Mark J. Karol
  • Martin Bastiaans
  • Roger U. Fujii
  • Sandra L. Robinson
  • Tiziana Tamboso
  • Witold M. Kinsner
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Other Nomination Opportunities

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Technical Activities Board (TAB) Nominations Process  - for positions within IEEE Technical Activities

IEEE Awards Program - to honor achievements in education, industry, research and service.

IEEE Fellow Program - for extraordinary record of accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest.