What are the responsibilities and qualifications?

Each position has specific responsibilities and qualifications on which the IEEE N&A Committee evaluates potential candidates.

What is the time commitment?

I have been nominated for a position. When will I know if I am appointed?

A nomination does not guarantee either a recommendation by the IEEE N&A or an appointment by the IEEE Board of Directors.

Committee Chairs and Members

If recommended by IEEE N&A and appointed by the Board of Directors, you will be notified shortly after the meeting at which the appointment was made.

Appointments are typically made in the following months:

Committee Chairs:  June

Committee Members:  November 


IEEE Officers (Elected by the IEEE Assembly)

All nominees are advised, before the IEEE Assembly Election slate is made public, if they have or have not been recommended to the IEEE Assembly. Notifications are typically in October.

All nominees on the IEEE Assembly Election slate are notified of the election results immediately following the election. The election typically is in November.

All nominees are advised if they have or have not been recommended by IEEE N&A to the IEEE Board of Directors. Notifications are typically in October.

The IEEE Board of Directors typically selects the slate of candidates at its November meeting. Nominees are notified if they have or have not made the final slate immediately following the Board meeting.  

The final slate of candidates are included in the IEEE Annual Election and elected by the IEEE voting members.

What information must nominees provide IEEE N&A?

Nominees must provide the following:

  • Statement of willingness to serve
  • Biography
  • Description of Qualifications
  • Major Accomplishments
  • Position Statement (required for all positions)

Nominees that do not provide all required information will not be considered by the IEEE N&A.

Instructions are included in the nomination form.

Are position statements required?

Yes. Position statements are required of nominees for all Committee positions and IEEE Officer positions.

Instructions, including word count requirements, are provided in the nomination form.

Can I nominate myself?

Yes. Self-nominations are permitted and encouraged.

Can a person be nominated for more than one position?

Yes, but the candidate's specific qualifications for each position must be provided.

Are my nominations confidential?

Most nominations are kept confidential.

The nominations made public are:

  • Individuals recommended to the IEEE Assembly for IEEE Officer positions;
  • President-Elect candidates selected by the IEEE Board of Directors for the IEEE Annual Election.

Individuals nominated and evaluated by IEEE N&A for membership on an IEEE Committee are not disclosed unless appointed by the IEEE Board of Directors.

The identity of the nominator is not disclosed to the nominee by the IEEE N&A.

Who are the members of the IEEE N&A Committee?

The N&A Committee consists of the Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair, the Chair of each IEEE Major Board's N&A Committee, the Awards Board Chair, and six Members-at-Large.

How to Volunteer at IEEE
Other Nomination Opportunities

Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Nominations Process - for positions on the MGA Board and Committees.

Technical Activities Board (TAB) Nominations Process  - for positions within IEEE Technical Activities

IEEE Awards Program - to honor achievements in education, industry, research and service.

IEEE Fellow Program - for extraordinary record of accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest.