The IEEE Public Visibility initiative, a Board of Directors-endorsed, multi-year, multi-million-dollar project, is a communications initiative that seeks to increase IEEE's visibility and create a global voice for the engineering profession. The program is designed to:  

  • Increase the public's understanding of how engineering, computing, and technology benefit humanity
  • Establish the pride and prestige of the profession
  • Position IEEE as the world's trusted source and forum

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A message from Karen Panetta, Chair, 2018 IEEE Public Visibility Committee


Thanks for participating in our Public Visibility Committee!

We have made significant progress in increasing the visibility of the engineering profession and the great work that engineers do to improve our daily lives. Our social media presence is higher than many other comparably sized organizations and IEEE is increasingly becoming a source for top-tier media looking for insights into technology topics. Thanks to the staff, media, and social partners as well as our volunteers who have helped make this happen.

In 2018 we plan to continue to position IEEE as the world’s trusted source for insights and information on emerging technology and trends in the marketplace. We will build upon the momentum gained by engaging the media with hot topics, social-media interactions, as well as thought-leadership initiatives. These activities will allow IEEE to continue to grow its presence and establish our technical experts as individuals that champion the role of technology in creating the future and benefiting humanity.

We have created materials that you can leverage to help us increase the visibility of the engineering profession and Public Visibility program. I encourage you to use these materials in your respective regions of the world. We will continue to expand our group of experts available to the media to answer technology questions and work across the various groups of IEEE to tap into new resources that continue to demonstrate the wide range of technologies that our IEEE members touch.

We welcome your feedback on new ideas to further position IEEE as a global thought leader on prominent technology advancements and issues around the world, and promoting the brand as the world’s trusted source in this arena.

Together we can position and grow IEEE to meet the needs of today and to create the world of tomorrow.

Karen Panetta, Chair, 2018 IEEE Public Visibility Committee 

Upcoming meetings
February Teleconference: 22 February 2018
April Teleconference: 17 April 2018
PV Summit: 21 September 2018
December Teleconference: 14 December 2018