Surface mail delivery time for IEEE publications

  • United States, Puerto Rico & Canada: 7 - 14 Days
  • All other areas: 14 - 30 Days

Local delivery within country/region might extend the above-quoted delivery times.

Note: IEEE publications are available online through IEEE Xplore®. Select the Access Information link to view your online subscriptions. 

Information about digital delivery

Available as a delivery option for select IEEE publications, digital delivery offers all of the same content as a print subscription, but with faster delivery, instant access and interactivity.

The following publications will be offered digitally for the 2010 subscription year:

  • IEEE Spectrum Magazine
  • IEEE Communications Magazine
  • IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine
  • IEEE Computer Magazine

Information for new members

  • Membership is based on a calendar year.
  • If you joined before 28 February or paid the full annual rate, you are entitled to receive the full year's issues of your subscription, January through December.
  • If you joined after 28 February and paid half the annual rate, you are entitled to receive half the issues for the subscription year, July through December. Check the IEEE Periodicals Mail Date report for eligible issues.
  • Print publications mailed prior to your join date must be requested in writing.

Missing or delayed publications?