This is the first course offered under the three-course series of the IoT systems. It covers the basic functionality of an embedded system.

In order to cover the basic computing concepts required for embedded systems, ARM Cortex Architecture was used because ARM has become a defacto standard used in almost all embedded systems.



  • Basic C language
  • Basics of electronics (good to have but not required)
  • No prior Internet of Things knowledge required

Course objectives

The course gives the learners an introduction to embedded systems, explains the ARM Cortex M4 Processor core architecture in detail, builds understanding of embedded programming basics in assembly, and covers exceptions, interrupts and low power design techniques.

Reasons to enroll

  • To learn designing and for developing devices at IoT node level
  • To work with ARM based micro-controllers
  • To apply low-power design techniques for building energy-efficient IoT nodes
  • To gain hands-on lab experience by executing the exercises on the hardware

Who can enroll?

  • New employees going through onboard training in embedded systems
  • Working professionals/software engineers having a keen interest to work on microcontrollers for IoT node–level development
  • Second- and third-year engineering students studying electronics/computer science engineering or similar fields
  • Hobbyists looking to build applications at IoT node level

Outcomes of this course

This course will help the learners:

  • Get introduced to embedded systems and all the components, attributes, and benefits associated with it
  • Understand ARM architectures, processors, and its programmer's model
  • Perceive the knowledge of memory mapping, bit-band operations, endianness, and reset sequence of ARM Cortex-M4 processor
  • Learn how the conversion of C programming features into machine instructions are done
  • Understand interrupts in order to use them in designing systems efficiently
  • Understand low-power systems and how to use them by incorporating them in low-power design techniques


E-Learning modules; course run-time: 30 hours

  1. Introduction to Embedded Systems
  2. ARM Cortex-M4 Processor Architecture – Part I
  3. ARM Cortex-M4 Processor Architecture – Part II
  4. Implementation of C Code in Assembly Language
  5. Interrupts
  6. Low Power Requirements


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