Requirements for submitting electronic text

IEEE Magazines and Newsletters can accept text in most formats.

All authors must also submit PDF files of their articles.

In cases where the electronic file and PDF versions differ, the PDF version is the one editors will use.

Acceptable text formats

ANSI text
ASCII text
Microsoft Word (for Windows or Macintosh)
Rich Text Format

IEEE does not accept PostScript files, nor files created in desktop publishing software, such as QuarkXpress, Corel Ventura, or Adobe Framemaker.

Please use italic, sub- and superscript, and special characters as needed. Authors need not mimic the page layout of the target publication, nor should they include graphics within the document file (see the guidelines for graphics).

Upload Files via FTP

1. Send to the site:

2. Log in with the user name: anonymous (No password needed)

3. Place file in directory: /uploads/magazine

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