Women in STEM: Volunteering to Lead

On 20 October 2021, IEEE hosted a panel discussion with top women in leadership in nonprofit membership organizations. The panelists discussed their experiences as women in science and technology, and explored why they found it important to volunteer their time and talent.

Reshaping the IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) Network for Sustainable Development

The annual IEEE Women in Engineering Beijing Leadership Summit (WIEBLS) was held last November, bringing together inspirational women engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs from all walks of life to share their insights on how to best empower women in engineering.

Making a Difference Through Engineering: One Student’s Dream Come True

For Kayla Richardson, senior at Arizona State University (ASU) who is poised to graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Power and Energy, helping others is something that is deeply ingrained in her.

A Future Trailblazer Is Set to Hit the Ground Running

As he prepares to graduate with a BS/MS in electrical computer engineering from Drexel University, Joey Arnold – a ‘21-‘22 Power & Energy Society (PES) Scholarship Plus Initiative recipient and Lockheed Martin Scholar – is looking forward to becoming a “trailblazer within the industry.”

Celebrating Diversity in Electrical Engineering: One Woman’s Full-Circle Journey

Learn about how Karen Butler-Purry, PhD, P.E., Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate and Professional School at Texas A&M University, was inspired to become an engineer, and how she is mentoring and inspiring the next generation.

Being More Inclusive Is Paying Off for This IEEE Society

The Instrumentation & Measurement Society saw double-digit growth

Small changes made over time can lead to big results, the saying goes. A great example of that is the concerted effort the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society started more than two decades ago to become a more welcoming and inclusive environment for women and members from outside the United States.

This Startup Is Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Brazil With Leadership Skills

Be.Labs connects them with mentors and provides training on developing business plans and pitching investors.

Paying It Forward: A Female Engineer Opens Doors of Opportunity to Others That Were Once Opened for Her

Guadalupe Gonzalez, PhD, is helping to shape energy policy across the country of Panama for the foreseeable future as national director of electricity at the National Energy Secretariat.

One Engineer’s Hopes to Implement Far-reaching Renewable Energy Solutions Across Latin America

As a child, Luis Felipe Gaitan Cubides, IEEE PES’ 2021 Outstanding Student Scholarship Award recipient, spent a lot of time on a family farm in rural Colombia where electricity didn’t arrive until just a few years ago.

These visits had a big impact on Felipe, who is currently pursuing his master’s degree in electrical engineering at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana while also working as an electrical design engineer for IEB, a consulting firm that manages and develops engineering projects in the energy, oil and gas, mining, cement, and institutional sectors.

Lisa Su receives IEEE's highest semiconductor award

The CEO is the first woman to receive IEEE's highest semiconductor award.

IEEE Takes Steps to Address Implicit Bias in STEM

Implicit bias, often referred to as unconscious bias, occurs when we make judgments or decisions on the basis of thought patterns that subconsciously and unintentionally affect outcomes.

IEEE Commits to Ensuring Digital Properties Are Accessible

IEEE is committed to providing an accessible digital experience to all individuals, including those with disabilities, for equity in earnest.

IEEE Photonics Prioritizes Intersection of Mental Health, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

To foster wellbeing and in support of marginalized community members’ mental health, the IEEE Photonics Society Young Professionals Advisory Committee (YPAC) is partnering with the Society’s Diversity Oversight Committee and Dragonfly Mental Health (DMH). DMH is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating excellent mental health practices worldwide and developing and making available a series of online sessions designed to serve individuals’ diverse needs.

Meet the First Latina to Lead IEEE Women in Engineering

Jenifer Castillo’s goals include providing more support for women in industry, expanding leadership programs, and increasing the number of female senior members.

> Meet the First Latina to Lead IEEE Women in Engineering

The IEEE Signal Processing Society Promotes Inclusivity, Community, and Accessibility and Targets Increase in Event Attendance

In support of the IEEE Code of Conduct, the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) is committed to providing equal opportunity to its members, regardless of ethnicity, race, nationality, disability, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religion, gender, age, and/or personal identity. The Society is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that promotes diversity in the Signal Processing community.

2021 IEEE Mildred Dresselhaus Medal recipient, Kristina Johnson

Kristina M. Johnson has broken through barriers during her career. She became the first female dean of Duke University’s engineering school, the first female provost at Johns Hopkins University, and the first woman to receive the John Fritz Medal—in 2008—from the American Association of Engineering Societies.

> Ohio State President Makes Increasing Interdisciplinary Research and Diversity Her Priorities
> Kristina Johnson - Leading in Academia, Government, and Business - Career Reset

Accelerating Through Change: Experience the IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference

IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE), one of the largest international professional organizations dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists and inspiring girls around the world to follow their academic interests to careers in STEM, recently hosted its annual International Leadership Conference (ILC).

The IEEE Photonics Society Is Building a More Vibrant and Safer Community: IEEE Pride in Photonics Initiative

The IEEE Photonics Society is a global, technical community of academic and professional scientists and engineers who advance lasers, optoelectronics, photonics, and breakthroughs in quantum physics into devices, systems, and products that revolutionize daily lives around the world. Furthermore, the Society is deeply committed to providing equal opportunity to scientists and engineers, regardless of ethnicity, race, nationality, disability, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religion, gender, age, and/or personal identity.