Sponsored by:  IEEE Ethics & Member Conduct Committee (EMCC)

Nomination Deadline: 1 July

The IEEE Award for Distinguished Ethical Practices recognizes an IEEE member or an organization employing IEEE members for: (a) exemplary ethical behavior/practices and/or (b) persuasive advocacy or promotion of ethical behavior/practices.

Basis for judging and selection

Evidence of: (a) exemplary ethical behavior/practices or (b) persuasive advocacy of ethical behavior/practices should reflect the relationships of that behavior or those practices to the IEEE Code of Ethics.


This award may be presented annually, unless in the judgment of the EMCC, a suitable candidate is not available.


Members of the IEEE and organizations that employ IEEE members are eligible.

There are no restrictions as to IEEE membership grade, gender, or age.

Members of the IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct Committee and its Awards and Recognition Committee are not eligible.

As per IEEE Policy 4.4.H, no person shall receive an award, who, at any stage of the recipient-selection process for that award, is eligible to vote on who shall receive that award. Nor may they be the nominator or reference for a nomination of a candidate for such award. This conflict of interest limitation shall apply to all awards given by the IEEE or any of its organizational units. 


This award will be administered by the IEEE Award for Distinguished Ethical Practices Selection Committee, composed of a three-person subcommittee of the EMCC that shall screen the nominations and make a recommendation to the EMCC as a whole for selection. The IEEE Board of Directors shall have final approval.

The IEEE Selection Committee will be convened when there are nominations to be reviewed, but may choose not to propose a recipient because the candidate(s) do not meet the eligibility and/or selection criteria described above in basis for judging and selection.


The Citation shall be in the form of a framed, engraved silver certificate.

The Citation may be proposed by the person originating the nomination. The Citation will be reviewed and modified as appropriate by the IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct Committee.


The award shall be presented at a meeting hosted by the IEEE Board of Directors or some other event mutually agreed upon by the awardee and the IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct Committee.


The candidate is recommended to the IEEE Board of Directors with the presentation made in the same calendar year as the year of the award.


Proposals for nominations of candidates for this award shall be made on the nomination form.

Any person may nominate or support a candidate for this award, with the following exceptions:

  • members of the IEEE Board of Directors;
  • members of the IEEE Awards Board;
  • members of the IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct Committee;
  • self nominations;
  • IEEE Staff.

Completing the nomination form

Nominations may be submitted using the online form or by downloading and mailing the completed form to:

IEEE Ethics & Member Conduct Committee
c/o IEEE Corporate Activities
445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ 08854, USA.