A world in which engineers and scientists are respected for their exemplary ethical behavior, and IEEE and its Ethics and Member Conduct Committee (EMCC) are recognized as a major driving force in this regard.


The Ethics and Member Conduct Committee advises the IEEE Board of Directors on ethics policy and concerns, fosters awareness on ethical issues, and promotes ethical behavior among individuals and organizations working within the IEEE fields of interests.

Limits on activities

The Ethics and Member Conduct Committee, which is governed by IEEE Bylaw I-305, shall make recommendations for policies and/or educational programs to promote the ethical behavior of members, non-members, and staff, and shall consider instituting proceedings, as defined in IEEE Bylaws I-110 and I-111, related to matters of member and officer discipline and requests for support.

Neither the Ethics and Member Conduct Committee nor any of its members shall solicit or otherwise invite complaints, nor shall they provide advice to individuals regarding complaints, except they may provide information on the IEEE process for reporting misconduct.