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IEEE History Center

445 Hoes Lane

Piscataway, NJ 08854

+1 732 562 5450 (Office)
+1 732 981 3453 (Archives)
+1 732 562 6020 (Fax)

For all non-history-related inquiries, please use the IEEE toll-free number:
+1 800 678 IEEE (4333)


From the New Jersey Turnpike (I-95):

  1. Take exit 9 towards Route 18 North
  2. Proceed on Route 18 North, continuing onto Hoes Lane

How Can the History Center Help You?

Below is contact information for various aspects of the History Center

Engineering & Technology History Wiki: Nathan Brewer, 

Digital content in the IEEE Archives: Nathan Brewer, 

Donating papers, books, or artifacts to the IEEE Archives: Mary Ann Hellrigel, 

History Center newsletter: Robert Colburn, 

IEEE institutional history: Mary Ann Hellrigel, 

IEEE Life Members' Fellowship in Electrical History: 

IEEE’s Global Museum Project: Daniel Mitchell, 

IEEE Milestones Program: Robert Colburn, 

IEEE William and Joyce Middleton Electrical Engineering History Award: Robert Colburn, 

Intellectual Property reuse requests: Robert Colburn, 

Pugh Young Scholar in Residence:

REACH Program: Kelly McKenna, 

Reference requests: Robert Colburn, 

“Scanning Our Past” articles in Proceedings of the IEEE: Alexander Magoun, 

Speakers to give historical talks, or to volunteer to give a talk: Alexander Magoun, 

The History Center’s Oral History Program: Mary Ann Hellrigel, 

For all other inquiries: