IEEE, via its different bodies, organizes numerous conferences and meetings on a wide range of topics. IEEE's European Public Policy organizes various events bringing together leading technologists, scientists, engineers, and policy makers to discuss critical issues related to technology and public policy in Europe. The aim is to empower European IEEE members to become more involved at the European Union (EU) level, while at the same time leveraging IEEE’s expertise to provide the European policy community with unbiased expert input on important technology-related policy topics.

To find information on all IEEE conferences, including those taking place in Europe, please visit the Conferences & Events page.

IEEE EPP Summits

IEEE Summit on Technology for Health: Transforming Healthcare and Wellbeing
5 December 2017
Brussels, Belgium

The Summit brought together policymakers, leaders in the healthcare, medical technology and electronics industries as well as expert patients in order to facilitate a dialogue on healthcare enabled by connected technologies, including smart wearables, bio-sensors and implantable technologies. The Summit tackled the issue of innovation in healthcare, addressed the resulting ethical concerns and behavioural challenges linked to these transformative technologies, and reflected on the key roles of R&D, standardization, as well as policy and regulatory actions, in creating the right conditions for bringing cutting-edge technology innovations to market for societal benefit. Read more about the Summit (PDF, 5 MB).

IEEE Summit 2016: Artificial Intelligence and Ethics - Who does the thinking?
15 November 2016
Brussels, Belgium

The third of its kind, the Summit brought together a broad spectrum of leading voices in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space, including technologists, legal thinkers, philosophers, social scientists, and European policy makers to discuss the future direction of AI, ethical considerations, and social implications of the applications of AI to fields as diverse as healthcare, education, finance, transportation, and warfare. Read more about the Summit (PDF, 5 MB)

2015 IEEE Summit: Towards Secure Green Energy
10 November 2015
Brussels, Belgium

The IEEE Summit: Towards Secure Green Energy, the second of its kind, the Summit was a venue for high-level discussions bringing influential policy makers together with prominent engineers and scientists to discuss critical issues in technology policy for Europe. Read more about the Summit (PDF, 647 KB).

2014 IEEE Summit: Internet Governance
3 December 2014
Brussels, Belgium

The IEEE Summit: Internet Governance, the first of its kind, brought together policy makers and technologists on three of the most important debates around Internet governance today: net neutrality, security vs. privacy, and the future of internet governance. Read more about the Summit (PDF, 27 MB).

Other IEEE events

IEEE EPPC Working Group on Energy - Policy Session at the 2021 IEEE Smart Grids for Smart Cities
18 March 2021

The EPPC WG on Energy joined forces with the Romanian Energy Center (CRE) to organize a special policy session at the 2021 IEEE International Forum on Smart Grids for Smart Cities. The policy session brought together representatives from the EPPC WG on Energy, the European Commission, International Energy Agency, and national standards bodies with a view to discussing the role of regulation in shaping the future of electricity in Europe.

Conference content including keynotes, panels, and tutorials is available on the IEEE Smart Grid Resource Center.

EPPC Special Session on Incentivising Technology Development at the G-Stic
27 October 2020

The EPPC and the KU Leuven co-organized a special session on “Incentivising tech development to realize the European Green Deal” during the G-Stic Conference. The panel, moderated by Dirk Van Hertem, EPPC member and Professor at the KU Leuven, focused on the technology advancements and related policy options that are necessary to realise the Green Deal. Watch all videos and recordings.

Hackathon on the “Ethical Dilemmas in AI - Engineering the Way Out”
1-2 September 2020

IEEE (EPPC, Region 8, and IEEE Standards Association), in collaboration with the Association of Nordic Engineers (ANE), the University of Copenhagen and the Data Ethics ThinkDoTank, organized an hackathon during which IEEE members could voice their opinion on the development of responsible AI. The goal was to explore the gaps between existing guidelines and recommendations for addressing ethical issues with respect to AI technologies and the realities experienced by engineers in practice. The findings of the hackathon will be used for preparing both event activities, as well as an official report on AI and ethics from an engineering point of view.

Access the report

IEEE Dinner Debate on De-Mystifying Blockchain
27 November 2018
European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

In the framework of the 10th European Innovation Summit (EIS), the IEEE European Public Policy Committee (EPPC) and the IEEE Blockchain Initiative, in collaboration with Knowledge4Innovation (K4I), organized a dinner debate on the topic of "De-Mystifying Blockchain." MEPs Marietje Schaake and Eva Kaili hosted and moderated respectively this dinner debate at the European Parliament. The debate, which saw the participation of around 80 attendees mainly from EU institutions, academia, and industry, focused on the opportunities and challenges of employing Blockchain technology in diverse industrial domains and applications.

IEEE EPPC Working Group on Energy - IEEE ISGT Europe 2017
Panel Discussion on "Challenges for Energy Policy in Europe: A Technologists Approach"
26-29 September 2017
Turin, Italy

The IEEE European Public Policy Committee (EPPC) Working Group on Energy organized a plenary session at the 2017 IEEE PES ISGT Europe 2017 Conference. A panel discussion centered around four key questions related to the need for a power and power engineers, how to ensure synergies, and how to plan for the future. Read more about the panel session (PDF, 268 KB)

K4I/IEEE Dinner Debate: Civil Law Rules on Robotics – Prioritizing Human Well-being in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
11 April 2017
Brussels, Belgium

The IEEE Standards Association and Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems (Global Initiative), partnering with Knowledge4Innovation and the IEEE European Public Policy Initiative, organized the Dinner Debate on “Civil law rules on Robotics: Prioritizing human well-being in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.” Mady Delvaux, Member of the European Parliament, hosted this dinner debate at the European Parliament. Read more about the Dinner Debate (PDF, 526 KB), or watch the video.

Energy Policy in Europe: Objectives, Achievements and Challenges
20 July 2016
Boston, Massachusetts

The Energy Working Group of the IEEE European Public Policy Initiative organized this panel session during the IEEE PES General Meeting. It brought together a number of high-profile speakers to discuss energy policy issues in different European countries and Europe as a whole. Differences and similarities in energy policy across various countries in Europe were highlighted, and stories of success as well as challenges were pointed out. Read more about the panel session (DOC, 32 KB).

Debate on Internet Governance as an Innovation driver, Knowledge4Innovation (K4I) and IEEE
18 November 2015
Brussels, Belgium

Representatives from the EPPI ICT WG participated in a lunch debate on Internet Governance as an innovation driver, organized by Knowledge4Innovation (K4I) and in cooperation with IEEE. It took place in Brussels in the European Parliament. It was a well-attended, well-balanced event with more than 30 participants from different professional backgrounds, including European Commission, the European Parliament, ICANN, IEEE, Digital Europe and civil society. Read more about Debate on Internet Governance (PDF, 192 KB).

Debate on the Internet of Things (IoT) European Internet Forum (EIF) and IEEE (PDF, 77 KB)
25 February 2015
Brussels, Belgium

A breakfast debate on the Internet of Things (IoT), organised by the European Internet Forum (EIF) and in cooperation with IEEE, took place in the European Parliament. It was a well-attended, well balanced event with more than 50 participants from different professional backgrounds, including the European Commission, the European Parliament, IEEE Standards Association (SA) Samsung Electronics Europe, EU FIWARE Future Internet PPP, BMW, and civil society.

External events

IEEE contributes to ongoing discussions on AI and Ethics

On 19 June 2018, IEEE participated in a European Internet Forum (EIF) event on Artificial Intelligence and Ethics. Professor Raja Chatila, Chair of IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in AI and Autonomous Systems, delivered a presentation at the event, presenting IEEE global initiative on ethics and AI and stressing that the ethics debate has gained momentum. During the event, which was hosted by Member of European Parliament, Emilian Pavel (S&D, Romania), Lucilla Sioli, Director for Digital Industry at DG CNECT (European Commission) reiterated the Commission’s strategy goals on AI and underlined that the EU will develop a list of principles for businesses to avoid market fragmentation.

IEEE’s work on AI and ethics was also recognized during an event organized by IBM, where IEEE’s Ethics in Action initiative was referenced as an example of one of the first initiatives worldwide in reaction to AI developments. During the event, an official from the European Commission gave an overview of the objectives of the High Level Group on AI (AI HLG), which was established by the Commission on 14 June. The group, which met for the first time on 27 June, will advise on AI-related challenges and opportunities and be responsible for the development, of the draft AI Ethics Guidelines. The AI HLG will also drive the work of the wider AI Alliance, set up by the European Commission, to receive feedback from as wide a group of stakeholders as possible. IEEE has been selected to be part of the AI HLG and will be represented by Professor Raja Chatila.

IEEE presents at the European Parliament breakfast on Artificial Intelligence

On 24 April 2018, IEEE participated in the Breakfast Roundtable, “Intelligent Innovation and Society: Policy Implications of AI and Big Data Analytics," hosted in the European Parliament in Brussels.

The organization was represented by member of the ICT Working Group, Dr Jean-Luc Dormoy, who stressed the need to address algorithmic bias and data privacy concerns in AI, as well as encourage investment, since we are still at the starting point. Jean-Luc also stressed the importance of the integrity of data and algorithms, noting the increasing number of cyberattacks aiming to affect the data used by algorithms, as a way to influence the algorithm itself. He also strongly urged policy makers to train people to be able to better work with and understand AI, as this would be crucial in maintaining jobs.

The roundtable was moderated by Nick Wallace, Senior Policy Analyst at the Centre for Data Innovation and featured contributions by:

Michal Boni MEP (EPP, Poland)

Mady Delvaux MEP (S&D, Luxembourg)

Dr Juha Heikkila, Head of Unit on Robotics and AI at the European Commission’s DG CNECT

Jason Albert, Deputy General Counsel at HR software firm Workday

Guido Lobrano, Senior Director at the Information Technology Industry Council

Speakers agreed that a European approach to AI is necessary, as is the encouragement of investment in that sector. There was also widespread support on the need to “demystify” the concept of AI, which is expected not to supplant humans, but enhance their work, operating in collaboration with them. The development of the necessary skills to both adapt to, and make the most of, AI in the workplace was also an area enjoying strong support.

Indeed, this was reflected in the European Commission’s strategy on AI, which was released on 25 April 2018, and featured a section dedicated to addressing the societal challenges of AI.


IEEE presents EU Digital Single Market Award at 2018 MEP Awards
21 March 2018
Brussels, Belgium

On 21 March 2018 at the Concert Noble, IEEE was again the proud sponsor of the 2018 MEP Awards, recognizing the importance of the Digital Single Market for the European Union.  Out of the 19 nomination categories, this year’s Digital Single Market award reflects the growing importance of EU digital policies for the years to come. The award recognises any contribution to promote policies supporting the Digital Single Market by improving telecoms, eHealth, on-line commerce, cyber-security, etc. Dr. Christopher James, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Warwick and Vice Chair of the IEEE European Public Policy Committee, presented the award to Reinhard Bütikofer, Vice-Chair of the EP Delegation for relations with the People's Republic of China and Member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE).  When asked how he feels about this recognition he said: “I am very grateful for this award. I want to stress the importance of international cooperation and togetherness and we will do all we can to foster this. Innovation in the digital sector and eco-efficiency go hand-in-hand.”

IEEE presents EU Digital Single Market Award at 2017 MEP Awards
22 March 2017
Brussels, Belgium

The 2017 MEP Awards, organised by the Parliament Magazine (Dods) took place at the Concert Noble. The Awards bring together Members of the European Parliament (MEP) and the EU Stakeholder community, and celebrate the work and achievements of MEPs across a range of policy areas. IEEE was the exclusive sponsor of The Digital Single Market Award. Dr. Christopher James, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Warwick, and Member of the IEEE European Public Policy, introduced IEEE activities in Europe and presented the Digital Single Market Award to Carlos Zorrinho, Vice-Chair of the EP Delegation for Relations with Brazil and a Member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE).

IEEE presents Digital Agenda Award at 2016 MEP Awards
16 March 2016
Brussels, Belgium

For the fifth consecutive year, IEEE sponsored the Digital Agenda awards at the European Parliament Award ceremony, in Brussels. The award recognizes Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) who strive to connect Europe digitally. This includes shaping and promoting legislation to improve the telecom industry, e-health, commerce, or Internet policies. IEEE Fellow Gianluca Setti, Professor of circuit theory and analog electronics at the University of Ferrara in Italy, and Member of the IEEE European Public Policy, presented the award to Julia Reda. Ms. Reda is working towards creating a borderless internet in Europe and tries to abolish geo-blocking, the practice of restricting access to the internet based on the user’s geographical location. She is also active on the European Union’s copyright rules reform.

TBB.2015, The Business Booster, KIC InnoEnergy
21-22 October 2015
Berlin, Germany

KIC InnoEnergy, the innovation engine for Europe’s energy industry, held its event, The Business Booster (TBB). IEEE EPP ICT WG speakers took part in a panel debate on the innovations that will transform European energy. The focus was on explaining how developments in ICT (software, apps) will be shaking up the utility/energy sector in the coming years. In particular, Jean- Luc Dormoy, Member of the IEEE European Public Policy (EPP) Working Group on ICT, gave emphasis on the impact of IT and AI on all domains, and energy, and how the GAFAs work today.

Eurodig 2015: Shaping the Internet Together
4-5 June 2015
Sofia, Bulgaria

The Eurodig 2015: Shaping the Internet Together was hosted by UNICART, in cooperation with the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications. It brought together a community of networking researchers, social scientists, and policy makers, as well as representatives of the wider society on a single platform to discuss the future of Internet governance. Bhaskar Choubey, Member of the IEEE European Public Policy (EPP) Working Group on ICT, attended the event. In a number of breakout sessions, the delegates discussed ways to enhance the visibility of Internet governance among various stakeholders, in particular the end-users of Internet. Read more about Eurodig.

40 Years of Innovation Policy: What’s Next? (PDF, 409 KB)
24-25 March 2015
Vienna, Austria

40 Years of innovation policy: what’s next? Was hosted by 6CP, 6 Countries Programme, 24-25 March 2015. 6CP was established to create opportunities for mutual learning between international peers in policymaking, research and industry. With the support of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, 6CP celebrated its 40th anniversary conference. Jean-Luc Dormoy, Member of the IEEE European Public Policy (EPP) Working Group on ICT, attended the conference and presented his work on “Mixing Policies in Support of Evolutionary and Radical Innovation.

6th Annual European Smart Grids Summit?
19-20 February 2015
Nice, France

The 6th Annual Smart Grids Summit, brings together Europe’s leading electricity grid distribution specialists, investors, and regulators to share insights into the immediate challenges and projects now started to realize the smart grid roll-out. The summit was driven by the Energy 2020 strategy, which is focused on competitive, sustainable, and secure energy throughout Europe.

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