The following page provides an overview and explanation of the different facets of the IEEE Senior Member Program.


Nominate a Senior Member Initiative

Goal: The Nominate a Senior Member Initiative was designed to encourage all IEEE Sections and Societies to become actively involved in promoting the Senior Member grade.

This initiative aims to:

  • Encourage grade advancement in IEEE
  • Simplify the application process
  • Offer financial incentives for approved Senior member applications
  • Offer increased benefits for Senior membership

Deadline: To qualify for the 2017 Nominate A Senior Member Initiative, Senior member application and reference forms must have been completed no later than 8 November 2017.

Reward Structure and Administration: Nominating Sections and Societies that nominate at least five successful new Senior members will be awarded US$10 for each Senior member they nominate who is approved for elevation to Senior member in 2017. No rebate will be awarded if it is for less than US$50. To be credited as the nominating entity, the name of the Section or Society must be entered in the nominations portion of the application form. There can only be one nominating entity for each elevation. If there is no entity nominator listed, none will be credited and none can be added retroactively. If the nominating entity listed is a subsection or a combined entity, the incentive will be awarded to the Section the subsection belongs to, or to the first entity cited.

Rewards will be tracked on an ongoing basis for all applications received by 8 November 2017 and successfully approved by the Admission and Advancement Committee. Incentive reward payments will be paid out in early 2018.

Why the Senior Member Initiative: It has been demonstrated that there is a relationship between the grade a member holds and that member's likelihood to keep their IEEE membership. The higher the grade, the more likely they are to renew.  

Region Membership as of 
31 Dec. 2017 (Member grade)
2018 SM
YTD SM Elevations
as of April 2018
Perrcentage to Goal
Region 1 17,144 200 73 37%
Region 2 15,327 150 67 45%
Region 3 14,977 230 69 30%
Region 4 11,652 145 43 30%
Region 5 15,553
160 51 32%
Region 6 31,354 375` 151 40%
Region 7 9,368 125 48 38%
Region 8 41,532 750 330 45%
Region 9 7,748 140 34 24%
Region 10 24,409 825 399 48%
Total IEEE 219,064      
Total Goal   3,100 1.274 41%
Benefits to IEEE Sections and Societies
  • Many executive volunteer offices require that a member hold Senior Member grade.
  • Senior members provide leadership on a volunteer basis.
  • The percentage and number of IEEE Senior members reflects the competence and prestige of IEEE and its products and services.
  • Senior members have an average retention rate of 98%.
  • A greater percentage of Senior members belong to IEEE Societies than do other IEEE member grades.
  • Senior members volunteer at a higher percentage rate than do other grades of IEEE members.


Best practices for Sections and Societies
  • Encourage qualified members to apply for Senior member (SM) elevation.
  • Use SAMIEEE to identify potential SM candidates and assist applicants in identifying SM references.
  • List SM requirements in newsletters and on web pages.
  • Assist candidates in finding Senior members and Fellows who can serve as references.
  • Conduct SM elevation events at least twice a year; see the Membership Development Manual (PDF, 1 MB).
  • Explain the qualifications and have applicants complete applications at a special Senior Member Nomination/Elevation session.
  • Have Fellows and Senior members on hand to meet applicants, and for applicants to acquire the references needed.
  • Encourage newly elected Senior members to take an active role serving as references.
  • Form Senior member nominating committees in every Section to nominate worthy members for Senior member elevation.
  • Send an email notice to potential Senior member candidates encouraging them to apply for Senior membership.
  • Hold annual awards banquets or dinners and invite newly inducted IEEE Fellows and Senior members to give them their due recognition. Present them with a certificate, include their names in the program, or simply read out their names to the assembled guests. Don't forget to publish their names in the Section or Society's newsletter or web page as well.


Statistics and metrics

2017 Regional Statistics of Senior Member Elevations

Region Membership as of 31 December 2016 (Member grade) 2017 Senior Member Goal YTD SM Elevations as of
November 2017
Percentage of Goal
1 17,144 200 0 0%
2 15,327 150 0 0%
3 14,977 230 0 0%
4 11.652 145 0 0%
5 15,553 160 0 0%
6 31,354 375 0 0%
7 9,368 125 0 0%
8 41,532 750 0 0%
9 7,748 140 0 0%
10 54,409 825 0 0%
Total 219,064 3,100 0 0%


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