The IEEE Mentoring Program is an online program which pairs qualified IEEE members together in establishing a mentoring partnership for guidance in multiple areas such as career, education, leadership, and volunteering. The program is completely self-serve and is implemented via IEEE Collabratec® (home of the IEEE Member Directory). Participation in the program is open to all IEEE members (all grades) and Society Affiliates.

The pair-tracking system of IEEE Collabratec recently had a major upgrade, with the addition of the following features:  

  • The Mentoring system of IEEE Collabratec recently had a major upgrade with the addition of a Mentoring Status Console on the Career Services page (see final image below):
  • System-tracked partnership term lengths (3, 6, 9, and 12 months).

  • Mentor request message is now structured for improved clarity and is now persistent for review at anytime. 

  • New and persistent evaluation feedback link has been added. 

  • Partnerships can be terminated early if the goals have been met.

  • Easy access to auto-created workspace.

  • Older partnerships now labeled as ‘legacy’ for improved tracking

Getting started

To take advantage of the Mentoring Program, perform the following:

  • Sign on to IEEE Collabratec®. 

  • Complete your profile. Providing information such as technical interests, biography, and expertise assists and mentor/mentee in determining a good fit.

  • Go to your Career Services page (accessible from the Career Services tab on Member Console).
  • Follow the 3 steps below for the respective mentor or mentee. The process of pairing is as simple as 1-2-3 for both the mentor and mentee. See process flow diagram below. 



How to become an IEEE mentor


1- Activate your mentor status (a dropdown displaying mentee preference choices appear).

2- Select mentee preferences and then "SAVE". 

3- Review and accept requests (a request can come at any time; a Mentee has selected you as a potential mentor, but you must accept for the partnership to begin). 

How to become an IEEE mentee (find a Mentor)

1- Activate your mentee status.

2- Go to Mentor list and review potential mentors

- Select “IEEE Mentors” from Member Console or from the “People” tab (top navigation bar)  

- Use available filters to narrow your search

- Select up to 3 mentors and send each a message to each to alert them of your upcoming request and present any circumstances you wish to share like scheduling or particular highlighting of a goal.   

3- Select "Mentor Request" tab, fill out the requested information and send.

    Wait for your prospective Mentor to accept the request (once accepted, the partnership begins. See image below).

Note: You can participate as both a mentor and mentee.





Partnership established (Mentor request has been accepted)

When the mentor accepts the request, the partnership becomes active. The mentor and mentee can navigate to the Career Services page and see the partnership listed as active.

A private workspace is automatically created to provide a space for the Mentor and Mentee to share content, collaborate, communicate (post, comment, replies, message), upload documents for review and create a project management plan (via Project Tracker). The workspace is directly accessible from the Mentoring Console (by selecting the “Workpace” button). The workspace can be ‘favorited’ so it is added to the Dashboard as well.

Benefits of participating in the IEEE mentoring program

Mentoring partnerships are particularly beneficial when strong connections are built between individuals who share professional interests. IEEE is proud to offer a program that is specifically tailored to suit our international community. 

We encourage and empower members to help grow through this program. Mentoring is a powerful way to give back to the IEEE community as it makes a meaningful contribution to developing members. We invite potential mentors to update their profile on IEEE Collabratec and take this opportunity to inspire future contributors to IEEE and the global technology community.

Benefits for Mentees:

  • Supports career development

  • Helps you to further develop a specific skill set or competency

  • Expands your professional network

  • Provides an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences

  • Allows participants to see things from another person's perspective

  • Enhances your personal brand

Mentoring commitments

Each participant in a mentoring partnership should be committed to devoting time and effort to develop their mentoring partnership. They need an understanding of their role and responsibilities, and each partner needs to stay in touch and follow an action plan that defines goals and outlines expectations for the partnership. See Mentoring Guidelines.

To get answers to your questions regarding the Mentoring Program, please go to IEEE Collabratec and submit them in the IEEE Mentoring Program and Career Forum workspace.



IEEE Mentoring Program

IEEE Mentoring Program is a member benefit for professional and Graduate Student members of IEEE.