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The established conversion rate for the 2018 membership year is 65 Indian Rupee/US$1.

Submitting a group payment for individuals joining or renewing their IEEE membership(s) using a Challan is a three-step process:

  1. Initiate IEEE’s online process for joining or renewing IEEE membership
  2. Fill out and submit the Group Challan Template Form to IEEE Member Operations at
  3. Print a Challan and submit to a bank branch in India


The step-by-step instructions provide direction regarding completing the join and renewal process for the group payment option. Before you begin the process, it is recommended that you view the step-by-step instructions (PDF, 402 KB) first, which includes screen captures.

Direct any inquiries that you have on the Group Challan to Member Operations at


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Initiating the online join process

  1. Sign in to the online application form and select "Join as a professional" or "Join as a student"
  2. Create your IEEE Account by selecting the "Create Account" button. Enter all the profile information such as your address, education, and/or employment to complete your registration. You do not need to "Proceed to checkout" after you've saved your information
  3. Send your Name, Username/Email address, and IEEE member number to the organizer
    1. You may find your IEEE member number by going to ‘My Account’ and then clicking on the ‘Manage personal profile’ link


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Initiating the online renewal process

  1. Sign in to the membership renewal website using your IEEE Account
  2. Verify and/or update your address, education, and employment information if needed
  3. Review your shopping cart and make changes if needed. You do not need to ‘Proceed to checkout’ after you’ve saved your changes
  4. Send your Name, Username/Email address, and IEEE member number to the organizer


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Remitting payment via Group Challan

Please follow the steps below for remitting your payment via group Challan.

  1. Complete the IEEE Group Challan Template Form (XLS, 29 KB)
  2. Email the completed form to
    1. Upon receiving the file, IEEE staff will create a Group Challan and email it back within three business days
  3. Making your payment
    1. Print the group Challan that was returned to you
    2. Make your payment at any Corporation Bank branch or at any other bank
    3. The payment can also be made by online banking, from an individual bank account, through National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT). The IEEE account number needs to be added as the beneficiary account for the online NEFT payment*
      1. For any transaction exceeding INR 200000, please use the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) option
  4. Payment confirmation will take place within three business days and the completion of the order process within ten business days
    1. Please note that payments for IEEE Membership(s) or products using a Challan are non-refundable and must be paid in INR

* Please read additional details for fees and service tax that NEFT/RTGS transactions may incur.


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