Below are the candidates for IEEE Division III Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2017; Delegate/Director, 2018-2019.

Division III: Communications Society

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.

Vijay K. Bhargava

Headshot of Vijay Bhargava

(Nominated by IEEE Division III)

University of British Columbia - Vancouver
Vancouver, Canada

Vijay Bhargava is a Professor at UBC in Vancouver where he served as the Department Head during 2003-2008. As a distinguished speaker for IEEE entities he has lectured in 66 countries and has rudimentary knowledge of several languages. He received his PhD from Queen's University, Canada. Vijay has held visiting appointments at Ecole polytechnique, NTT Research Lab, Tohuku University, HKUST and Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg. He is Honourary Professor at UESTC, Chengdu and Gandhi Distinguished Visiting Professor at IIT Bombay. 

Vijay served as Founder and President of Binary Communications Inc. (1983-2001). He is co-author of Digital Communications by Satellite (Wiley: 1981). He co-edited Reed-Solomon Codes and Their Applications (IEEE Press: 1994), Cognitive Wireless Communication Networks (Springer: 2007), Cooperative Wireless Communications Networks (Cambridge: 2011), Green Radio Communication Networks (Cambridge: 2012) and Wireless-Powered Communications Networks: Architectures, Protocols and Applications a forthcoming Cambridge book. Vijay’s current area of research is on fifth generation wireless systems.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

  • As the President of the Communications Society (2012-2013), facilitated the creation of a number of new periodicals. These include the Wireless Communications Letters, China Communications (joint publication with the China Institute of Communications), Transactions on Cognitive Communications and Networks (TCCN) and the Transaction on Molecular, Biological and Multi-Scale Communications. Negotiated partnership with sister societies in Transactions on Cloud Computing (TCC), Transactions on Big Data and the Internet of Things Journal. Introduced electronic products such as ComSoc Technology News and Best Readings. New conferences such as ICCC, Conference on Communications and Network Security and regional conferences were introduced. ComSoc Standard Activities completed two years and introduced several new standards.
  • IEEE Board of Directors (1992-1995)
  • IEEE Vice President of Regional Activities, now Member and Geographic Activities. Helped to develop Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD), now known as Young Professional Program. Assisted IEEE Presidents in negotiating sister society agreements in India, Japan and Russia.
  • Region 7 (Canada) Director (1992-1993). Facilitated the creation of IEEE Canada.
  • Member, IEEE Technical Activities Board (2012-2013 and 2000-2002)
  • Member, IEEE Educational Activities Board (1992-1993)
  • IEEE India Ad Hoc Committee (2009-2011)
  • IEEE Honourary Member Selection Committee (2006-2008)
  • Chair, IEEE Teaching Award Committee (2007-2008)
  • Chair, IEEE Conference Committee (2001-2002)
  • Member, IEEE PSPB Wireless Periodical Working Group (2000-2001) which led to the creation of IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications
  • President IEEE Information Theory Society (2000). Assisted in the creation of Shannon Park in Gaylord, Michigan, the town where Claude Shannon spent the first sixteen years of his life. A statue commissioned by ITS was presented to the city.
  • IEEE Victoria Section Chair (1986-1987). Founded IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on Communications, Computers and Signal Processing.
  • IEEE Montreal Section Chair. Edited Current Phase Courante, its bilingual newsletter.
  • IEEE Student Branch Counselor, Concordia University (1976-1978). Facilitated field trips to local and nearby industries.


The Division III Director is elected by members of the Communications Society (ComSoc) to the IEEE Board of Directors. Just as I have done as ComSoc President, I will work to ensure that our Society:

  • Quickly contributes to emerging technologies by way of new periodicals and conferences. As communications is ubiquitous, we may need to partner with other societies. Examples include the TCCN where ComSoc is the lead and TCC in partnership with Computer Society. We now have similar opportunities with the GREEN ICT initiative.
  • Makes strategic alliances with sister societies for new publications and conferences. Examples include, JCN with KICS, ChinaCom and ICCC with CIC and NCC and ANTS in India.
  • Attracts and retains women and young professional members. ComSoc Standing Committee on Women in Communication Engineering and Ad Hoc Committee on Young Professionals should be charged with this task.
  • Shows engineers the benefits of joining ComSoc. The creation of a Standing Committee on Industry Content in conferences, appointing a Co-EiC from industry for ComSoc publication and educational products are the right vehicle for it.
Alexander D. Gelman

Headshot of Alex Gelman

(Nominated by IEEE Division III)

NETovations Consulting Group
Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Alexander D. Gelman received M.E. and Ph.D. (EE) from City University of New York. Presently he is CTO of NETovations Consulting Group. During 1998-2007 Alex worked as Chief Scientist at Panasonic Princeton Research Laboratory; during 1984-1998 at Bellcore, lastly as Director-Internet Access Architectures Research. Alex has numerous publications and several patents. He pioneered Multimedia Bridging, Video on Demand over Networks and XDSL-based Internet Access. He was among first recipients of Bellcore President’s Award.

Alex co-founded eight IEEE conferences and two publications; initiated ComSoc Standards Activities; initiated ComSoc Technical Committee and standardization in Power Line Communications; chaired the Technical Committee on Multimedia Communications; served four terms as ComSoc Vice President.

Alex served on IEEE-SA BoG and several terms on Standards Board, e.g. representing TAB; chaired TAB Ad Hoc Committee on Standards.

Alex is a recipient of ComSoc Donald McLellan Meritorious Service Award, IEEE-SA Corporate Standards Sponsor Award and IEEE-SA Standards Medallion.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

In over 34 years of IEEE volunteer activities I progressed from a line volunteer organizing technical sessions at conferences and editing Feature Topics and Special Issues in publications to chairing ComSoc Technical Committee, to ComSoc and IEEE-SA governance serving on various IEEE, ComSoc and IEEE-SA committees, to serving on IEEE-SA and ComSoc Boards of Governors, including three ComSoc directorships, one term as CIO, and four terms as ComSoc Vice-President.

My range of IEEE activities spans:


  • Served as guest-editor of several Feature Topic issues of the Communications Magazine and special issues of JSAC 
  • Served on the founding steering committee for IEEE Transactions on Multimedia
  • Initiated and served as guest-editor of ComMag FT series IEEE Standards in Communications and Networking
  • Initiated the ComMag Communications Standards Supplement
  • Initiated and serve on the inaugural steering committee for IEEE Communications Standards Magazine


  • Served as Organizing Committees chair and vice-chair, on TPCs for several ComSoc portfolio conferences
  • Served on founding Steering Committee for IEEE-ICME, IEEE-SmartGridCom, IEEE-CSCN
  • Initiated and co-founded IEEE-CCNC
  • Helped to acquire four conferences: IEEE-BlackSeaCom, IEEE-P2P Computing, IEEE-SIIT, IEEE-ISPLC

Standards Activities:

  • Initiated ComSoc Standards Board and served two terms as ComSoc Director of Standards
  • Architected ComSoc Standards Activities Council and was elected first ComSoc’s Vice President-Standards Activities
  • Served on IEEE-SA Board of Governors and several terms on IEEE-SA Standards Board and its committees
  • Initiated and guided the Smart Grid Vision project sponsored by IEEE-SA and implemented in partnership with 5 Technical Societies
  • Chaired the 2008 TAB Ad Hoc Committee on Standards
  • Served 3 terms as IEEE-TAB representative to IEEE-SA Standards Board

For my volunteer contributions I received the ComSoc Multimedia TC Distinguished Service Award, ComSoc Donald W. McLellan Meritorious Service Award, and IEEE-SA Standards Medallion. On my watch, while serving as ComSoc Director of Standards, ComSoc received the IEEE-SA Corporate Standards Sponsor Award.


It is critical for IEEE to enable volunteer communities to innovate and exercise volunteer entrepreneurship and to utilize volunteer productivity in producing new IEEE products and services. IEEE leadership and staff partners must cooperate in creation of a proper ecosystem where volunteer innovation can flourish.

IEEE-wide initiatives in emerging technologies represent an effective mechanism for proactive discovery of new opportunities in conferences, publications, training, and standards. The Initiatives invest in industry-academia team-work including white papers and technology vision publications, pre-standardization research, operating virtual labs, testbeds, etc. Team-work that produces actual Intellectual Property and proactively discovers standardization and business opportunities is a new phenomenon for IEEE and requires proper governance policies to help volunteers in these activities.

If elected I will work with TAB, IEEE-SA and BoD on policies for support of creative team-work that will help to improve the IEEE initiatives’ return on investment.

I will work on improving attractiveness of IEEE initiatives to IEEE and Technical Society members, on ensuring support for inclusive participation of able and willing volunteers from industry and academia globally.

Ashutosh Dutta

Headshot of Ashutosh Dutta

(Nominated by IEEE Division III)

Director, Technology Security
AT&T Chief Security Office
Middletown, New Jersey, USA

Ashutosh Dutta is currently Director Technology Security at AT&T’s Chief Security Office in New Jersey. With a career spanning more than 25 years, he held various positions including CTO of Wireless at NIKSUN, Senior Scientist at Telcordia Research, Director of Central Research Facility at Columbia University, adjunct professor at NJIT, and Computer Engineer with TATA Motors. He authored over 80 conference/journal publications, three book chapters, and 30 issued patents. Ashutosh co-authored “Mobility Protocols and Handover Optimization: Design, Evaluation and Application,” published by IEEE and John & Wiley. He is editor-in-chief for the Journal of Cybersecurity and Mobility published by River Publishers. A long-time, dedicated IEEE volunteer, he is the recipient of the IEEE MGA and IEEE-USA leadership awards. Ashutosh obtained a BS in Electrical Engineering from NIT, Rourkela, India, MS in Computer Science from NJIT, and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, NY under the supervision of Prof. Henning Schulzrinne.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

Major IEEE Accomplishments

  1. During my tenure as Chair of IEEE Princeton/Central Jersey Section, I established four new chapters: Education Society, Women in Engineering, Signaling and Circuits Society, Broadcasting Technology Society and established the sister section agreement between Princeton/Central Jersey Section and Bangalore Section that strengthened the cooperation and collaboration between Region 1 and Region 10.
  2. As the Industry Relation Chair for Region 1 and MGA, I led the efforts in strengthening the relationship between IEEE and Industry by organizing Industry Days ( at different locations within Regions 1 and 10.
  3. I helped establish 7 STEM clubs at various NJ high schools, helped to implement an EPICS-HIGH project, and served as the General co-chair of the IEEE Integrated STEM conference ( for 6 years after helping to co-establish the conference, in 2011.
  4. As the IEEE Communications Society Director of Industry Outreach, I created a framework for industry engagement and led a series of highly successful high impact 5G Summits ( at various locations across the globe.


  • IEEE EAB Recognition Award for IEEE EPICS-HIGH (2015)
  • IEEE-USA Professional Leadership Award (2010)
  • IEEE MGA Leadership Award (2009)
  • IEEE Region 1 Award (2009)
  • Best Paper Award IEEE IMSAA (2009)
  • IEEE PCJS Section Leadership Award (2005)
  • Best Paper Award IEEE EIT (2005)


  • MGA History Committee (2014)
  • MGA Pre-University Liaison for EAB (2013)
  • MGA Industry Relation Chair (2009-2012)
  • Member IEEE MGA Ad Hoc Public Visibility Committee (2009)

Region 1

  • Region 1 ECS Representative (2014-2015)
  • Region 1 Industry Relation Coordinator (2008-2011)

Princeton/Central Jersey Section

  • Vice-Chair/Chair, Communication Society (2010-Present)
  • Vice Chair/Acting Chair, Education Society (2010-Present)
  • Section Chair (2008-2009)
  • Vice-Chair (2006-2007)
  • Treasurer (2004-2005)
  • Secretary (2003)

Communications Society

  • Co-leader for IEEE GET5G initiative (2016)
  • Director of Industry Outreach (2014-Present)
  • Associate Technical Editor and Guest Editor of Communication Magazine (2012-2013, 2016)
  • Chair Adhoc Public Visibility Committee (2009)


Communications Society should play a pivotal role in empowering its members so they can contribute towards the advancement of technology for humanity by way of invention, innovation, and humanitarian service. I will utilize my industry and academic experience and my IEEE leadership, pre-university, and industry liaison activities to promote ComSoc’s goals and objectives.

If elected, I will work with fellow colleagues and volunteers across the world to develop the following core areas:

  • Engage and empower IEEE members at the grass root level so that they can contribute their best towards the advancement of humanity.
  • Enhance IEEE-Industry relationship that will help drive both the society’s membership growth as well as professional growth of Industry members.
  • Encourage professional development initiatives through ComSoc’s education and training programs through webinars and online courses taught by industry and academia experts. 
  • Expand on standards activities for rapid deployment of emerging technologies such as 5G, SDN/NFV, Cybersecurity, 5G and IOT.
  • Extend ComSoc’s collaboration with IEEE entities such as MGA, EAB, and TAB to deliver excellence by way of member engagement and enrichment.