What is IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing (eCP)?

We are an in-house IEEE publishing service that provides quality conference proceedings for IEEE conferences from start to finish. Our services often include peer review, final paper collection, integrated copyright collection, quality assurance of every page of every paper, application of copyright footers, CrossCheck screening for plagiarism, and final submission to IEEE Xplore®. We produce online proceedings, eBooks, eGuides, and USB drives. We will work with your conference for a flawless, reliable product for your conference attendees. We create quality publications that meet the individual needs of conferences large and small, with services that fit your conference’s budget.

Why partner with eXpress Conference Publishing?

Top 7 reasons to work with eCP

  • We provide a quality product to your conference attendees every time
  • We will aim to meet your specific conference needs and budget
  • We work diligently to submit your proceedings to IEEE Xplore within 30 days of the conference end date
  • We make it easy for your authors to submit their paper
  • We provide unparalleled customer support to you and your authors
  • We take the burden off your volunteers
  • We are IEEE

We focus on making the author experience easy

We make it easy for your authors to submit their paper to your conference on a single platform that integrates with copyright collection and meets the PDF requirements for Xplore. Our project editors work with your authors to meet all deadlines for submission and keep you informed of submissions as they are received. All papers that go through eCP are already Xplore-compliant, removing the need for you to check papers offline and worry about the proceedings meeting Xplore requirements.

Pick the services you need

Our services are flexible to meet the needs of your conference. We offer start to finish services, from peer review to Xplore. This can include final paper collection or management of the files once final paper collection has been completed. Products can include online proceedings, books mailed to attendees after the conference, or only submission to Xplore. Whichever service you choose, you will have personalized assistance from a dedicated project editor who will efficiently manage all aspects of your conference proceedings.

Contact us

We are here to help. Request an estimate (DOC, 156 KB) or contact IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing at conferencepublishing@ieee.org for more information about our services.