Since 1984, we have prepared the archival records of IEEE conferences. During these three decades, we continually innovate to harness advances in technology, which enables us to offer enhanced processes for collecting all required documents efficiently and accurately. We then create the quality publications that meet the individual needs of conferences large and small, time after time. In one essential aspect, we’re like every other publishing service: we want to make the conference, its organizers, and its authors happy. But we are considerably different in how we achieve this goal because we are both seasoned and an IEEE in-house department.
Why partner with eXpress Conference Publishing?


We Know and Follow IEEE Policies

We begin work only after a conference has satisfied the legal requirements established by IEEE’s Conference Operations and then follow every stipulation of the conference’s Letter of Acquisition on behalf of the conference, taking the burden off the organizer. We stay current with IEEE policies, such as the 2012 IEEE PSPB requirement to screen conference articles for plagiarism, and implement the CrossCheck tool in our process. Additionally, we enable optional IEEE policies (such as “No-Shows”) as a conference chooses without additional cost to the conference. Although we cannot guarantee the result of IEEE’s Content Quality review (nor can any other publishing service provider), we do guarantee the technical specification of every file we submit to IEEE Xplore.


We Focus On Making the Author Experience Easy

While most of our competitors communicate well with the organizers, we’ve learned that if we also streamline the experience for each accepted author, far fewer authors will be contacting organizers for information, clarification, or assurance. Through our Conference eXpress system, we offer premium author support, enabling online collection of source documents, copyright transfers, and conference-specific metadata.


Our Revenue Is Reinvested Into IEEE

The proceeds from our work directly support several IEEE projects, such as the creation of free author tools (including PDF eXpress® and optional conference manuscript templates); the development of initiatives such as Open Access and Interactive Content in IEEE Xplore; and the coordination of IEEE interdepartmental data exchange.

Pick the support you need
We offer four Service Tiers, including an a la carte option, that will deliver the support you need while accommodating the limits of almost any publishing budget. Whichever service you choose, you will have personalized assistance from a dedicated publishing specialist who will efficiently manage all aspects of your production up to the submission of your conference proceedings to IEEE Xplore.
Pick the product you want

A product is both the presentation and navigation of conference articles (for example, a PDF eBook) and the medium by which it is distributed (such as USB, or printed book, or a file to host on your web server).

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