IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) Awards recognize and honor major contributions to engineering and technical education. 

Nominate someone for an EAB Award; an IEEE-HKN Award; or apply for a Scholarship.
Program timeline
Award nominations and scholarship applications are accepted beginning 1  January each year. The annual deadline is the first Monday after 30 April.

The nominator or scholarship applicant is responsible for ensuring that all materials are submitted in time to meet the deadline. This includes both the nomination or scholarship application form and all the reference forms required.
Awards ceremony
Awards are given out during the EAB Awards Ceremony, which is held in conjunction with the November IEEE Meeting Series each year.

Travel costs for EAB Award Recipients are funded up to $2,000 USD for most EAB Awards. Exceptions are noted on the individual award pages.
Self-nominations are not accepted for any EAB Award. However, for the scholarships listed above, self-nominations / applications are acceptable. An individual can only serve as a nominator or reference for one award per category. For most EAB Awards, the nominator does not need to be an IEEE member.

Please see the individual award pages for any exceptions.
The nominator is responsible for providing a minimum of three and a maximum of five people to serve as references for an award. At least two references need to be IEEE members. This applies to most awards, except where noted on the individual awards pages.

Additional information on references can be found on the FAQ page.
2018 EAB Awards Flyer