Business Continuity is part of the Office of Risk and Insurance Management Services and serves as a subject matter expert for the establishment and maintenance of business continuity plans throughout the organization.


The purpose of Business Continuity is to create an environment that enables the organization to continue its mission, provide services for its customers, and maintain its viability in the event of unplanned events, weather, or emergency conditions by effectively planning and responding to disruptions caused by these events.


Business Continuity prepares the business units for scenarios including, but not limited to, unplanned events, weather or emergency conditions such as natural disasters, power outages, and hardware/telecommunications failures. These events may be local in nature, affecting only one IEEE facility, or may have regional impact affecting multiple IEEE facilities. The framework for assisting business units to develop business continuity plans consists of emergency response, resumption, and recovery of IEEE's business activities during a business disruption event.


Business Continuity supports the business units in:
  • Their business impact analysis
  • Development of business continuity plans
  • Documenting processes
  • Guidance for the resumption of mission-critical operations