IEEE guidelines for working with children

An adult working with a group of children.

IEEE staff and volunteers may interact with children through a multitude of diverse programs, including, but not limited to:

  • Educational STEM programs and clubs
  • Conferences
  • Mentoring programs
  • Workshops
  • Others events


If you currently participate in activities that involve working with children, or plan to do so, please review the following important documents. The Guidelines are referenced within the IEEE Civility Policy. 

These procedures apply to events that are specifically designed for children.


Procedures for working with children

IEEE staff and volunteers who participate in activities or programs designed for children must:

  • Register the activity
  • Complete the online training
  • Undergo background screening, if applicable

A finger on a blue keyboard button that reads Register.

Registration of IEEE sponsored programs involving children

  1. Identify a Primary Program Contact. This contact is responsible for compliance with the IEEE Guidelines for Working With Children (PDF, 683 KB).  
  2. The Primary Program Contact must register the activity or program by completing the Registration Form
  3. The activity must be registered 60 days prior to the start date of the program.
  4. The registration form is reviewed by the IEEE Office of Risk and Insurance Management Services (ORIMS). 
  5. Registered activities will receive instructions for completing the required online training and background screening procedures, if applicable.

      *Recurring IEEE programs involving children must be registered annually. 

A blue button with the words Online Training on it.

Online training

All IEEE staff and volunteers who interact with children are required to complete the    online training.

The online training is delivered by IEEE’s partner, Praesidium. The training must be completed every three years while an individual continues to work with children. The online training includes a review and acknowledgement of the IEEE Guidelines for Working With Children (PDF, 683 KB)

A magnifying glass held over the words Background Check on a white piece of paper.

Background screening

IEEE staff and volunteers may be required to undergo background screening. A Criminal and Sex Offender Background screening is required for any individual who will have direct unsupervised contact with children. Direct unsupervised contact with children is defined as responsibility to exercise direct supervision, guidance, or control of a child under the age of 18 years without a parent, legal guardian, or otherwise authorized adult (e.g. school teacher) present.

The required background screening must be conducted by Praesidium, IEEE’s approved vendor, and will consist of: 

  • Social security number trace
  • Address locator for 7 years
  • Search of federal, state, county databases for criminal history for the past 7 years
  • National Sex Offender Registry check

A black pen tip checking a check box in a list of items.

Program compliance

Staff and volunteers that have not completed these requirements are not authorized to participate in IEEE programs that involve children.

For questions on the procedures and guidelines, please refer to the IEEE Activities with Children FAQs (PDF, 472 KB)

For additional questions, please contact the IEEE Office of Risk and Insurance Management Services at