Review panels

  • The review panel meetings are held in various locations throughout the world.
  • A panel of reviewers is recruited among Senior members, Life Senior members, and Fellows in the section where the meeting is to be held.
  • This full-day session is presided over by the Admission and Advancement Chair and/or Vice Chair, as well as a representative of the Member and Geographic Activities staff.
  • In order for an application to be reviewed at a Review Panel meeting, the application, resume, and required reference forms have to be submitted and received at least Seven days prior to the meeting date.
  • The names of newly elevated Senior members are posted to the web approximately two weeks following an A&A Senior Member Review Panel Meeting. Individual subscribers and group mailing lists will receive an email notification that the Senior Member Update is available.

Review panel dates and locations

Dates and locations are subject to change without notice.
2022 Senior Member Meeting Locations
Region Location 2022 Dates
5 Virtual 19 February
1 Virtual 23 April
4 Virtual 25 June
N/A Virtual 13 August
10 Malaysia 24 September
N/A TBD 19 November
Volunteer Resources

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  • Schedule of review panels
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