Five weeks prior to the event

  • Aides list: Solicit volunteers—Young Professionals or students—to assist; assign tasks.
  • Time: Choose a date and time for the event.
  • Cost: Set the budget, including hand-outs, posters, postage, refreshments, decorations, etc.
  • Place: Secure a venue for the event that is large enough for recruits and invitees. Make certain there are enough comfortable chairs and tables that are suitable for snacking, talking, and writing. If you wish to have a computer at the event so applicants can fill out online forms, confirm that the room has an Internet connection.
  • Run the Report in IEEE OU Analytics: Identify members you wish to recruit for potential senior membership. Gather their email addresses. If no email is available, print postcard labels and use their home addresses. Those with access can obtain a Senior Member Upgrade 1st Level Requirement list using IEEE OU Analytics.
  • Invitees List: Gather list of Senior members and Fellows of various technical backgrounds who you wish to attend the event. Their job will be to interview applying Senior members and serve as references. 

Four weeks prior to the event

  • Publicize event: Submit the general flyer (DOC, 36 KB), which publicizes your event and attracts applicants wherever you want it to appear: in your newsletter, in email alerts, in your forum or online community, in social media, or on bulletin boards. You may also use this short newsletter article (DOC, 28 KB).
  • Call or send personal invitations (DOC, 28 KB): Using the list from the report you ran, send an email to those who you would like to invite to apply for senior membership. This email should contain a link or URL to the documents they need:

Three weeks prior to the event

Two weeks prior to the event

  • Resend the same or a revised personal invitation (DOC, 28 KB) to the potential Senior members (there may be new names). Encourage that they bring four copies of their resume or CV, which should contain clear employment dates and descriptions; see Requirements for Senior Member Grade.
  • Meet with your volunteers for the event to confirm their tasks and commitment. Set-up/clean-up, computer, food shopping and ordering, call or email reminders to those you’ve invited (if appropriate). 

One week prior to the event

  • Arrange food delivery for the event.
  • Remind (call or write) the Senior members and Fellows you invited as references about their attendance commitment.
  • Buy decorations, accessories, beverages, etc.   
  • Print the benefits brochure and the application, reference, and requirements for Senior Member grade for those who might need them at the event.
  • Confirm with staff at the venue to meet an hour or more before the event to arrange the room, prepare for the refreshments, welcome the members, and organize the event.

Day of the event

  • Meet your helpers and set up the room: chairs and tables suitable for interviewing, computer (if used), handouts, etc.
  • Confirm food delivery or pick-up.
  • Greet guests as they arrive and check their name off your list. Double-check that they have brought a few copies of their resume or CV.  If not, arrange with them to send it to you or the appropriate person.
  • Clean up after the event with your helpers.

The day after the event

  • Send a thank you note via email or regular mail to everyone who attended: IEEE members, Senior members, Fellows, Honorary members, and volunteers.

After acceptance: for those who are accepted as Senior members

  • Send a press release to each regional or local newspaper, regional website, newsletter, etc.