Deepak Mathur

Deepak Mathur


Deepak Mathur 

IEEE Member and Geographic Activities, Vice President-Elect

Deepak Mathur is Director of IEEE Region 10. He has also served in many leadership roles in IEEE at Section, Council, Region and MGA (Member Geographic Activities). Deepak was IEEE India Council Chair in 2015-2016. Deepak, former Chief General Manager of ONGC (India’s premier public sector company engaged in exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons), has more than 37-years of professional experience in fields of electronics, telecommunication, IT infrastructure and has held various engineering and managerial positions. He has successfully done planning and executions of several IT projects like SCADA, on-line/real-time monitoring systems, IT Infrastructure creation, Wi-Max based broadband wireless access system, GPS/GSM based vehicle tracking system etc. and has led teams of IT professionals and multi-disciplinary teams. He has also experience of managing and working on Hi-Tech (Oil) Well Logging Systems which is to analyze the properties of subsurface to explore the possibility of hydrocarbons. Deepak has bachelor of engineering degree in Electronics and Communications from IIT, Roorkee and an MBA. He has also completed Advance Management Program from IIM, Calcutta. Deepak is recipient of prestigious IEEE Region 10 Outstanding Volunteer Award and IEEE MGA Achievement Award - “For his efforts in member development by engaging Region 10 members through enhanced Chapter activities”, India Council’s Life Time Achievement award for outstanding contributions for India Council. Deepak is also member of IEEE-HKN or Eta Kappa Nu (ΗΚΝ), which is the international honor society of the IEEE.


IEEE Activities

COMMITTEES/BOARDS: Member, IEEE MGA Strategic Direction & Environment Assessment Committee (2014, 2015); Member, IEEE MGA Nominations & Appointments Committee (2016,2017); Chair, IEEE SIGHT Operations Subcommittee (2014, 2015, 2016); Member IEEE Audit Committee (2021,2022); Region Vitality Coordinator (2019,2020); Member MGA Finance Committee (2021,2022); BoD Coordinator IEEE HAC (2021); Member IEEE Board (2021-2022); Member IEEE MGA Board (2021,2022)

Ad Hoc Committees: Member MGA/SA/TAB Ad-hoc Committee on Sustainable Development (2021); Member 2021 IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on MOVE International Disaster Relief (2021); Chair, MGA Surplus Ad Hoc Committee (2021); Member - Ad Hoc on Region Realignment (2021, 2022), Ad Hoc on IEEE in 2050 (2022); Ad Hoc on IEEE Your Professional Home (2022); Ad Hoc Committee to Coordinate IEEE’s Response to Climate Change (2022); Ad Hoc Committee on Humanitarian Efforts(2022)

REGIONS: (Region10): Sections Congress Coordinator (2008); EXCOM Member: (2009- 2014, 2017- 2018); Chapters Coordinator (2009, 2010); Sections Congress Coordinator (2011); Vice-Chair (Technical Activities)+Humanitarian Technology Activities Coordinator(2012); Humanitarian Technology Activities Coordinator (2013, 2014); Vice-Chair (Membership Activities) (2017, 2018); Chair R10 SYWL Congress (2018); Director-Elect 2019-2020; Member OpCom, Nomination and Advisory Committee (2019-2020), Director 2021-2022

SECTIONS/CHAPTERS: (Gujarat Section): EXCOM Member (1998-2002); Secretary (2003, 2004); Vice Chair and Treasurer (2005); Chair (2006, 2007); SMC Chapter Chair (2008, 2009); Immediate Past Chair and Nomination Committee Chair (2008-09); Member Advisory Committee (2008-2022).

COUNCIL: (India Council): EXCOM Member (2006-12); Chair-Elect (2013, 2014); Chair (2015, 2016); Immediate Past-Chair and Nomination Committee Chair (2017, 2018); Member Advisory Committee (2019-2022)

SOCIETIES: SSIT Board of Governors (2013, 2014, 2015); SSIT Newsletter Editor (2011-16)



I have more than 25 years of volunteering experience serving in section, council and region leadership positions. I started volunteering from section and served its secretary, treasurer, vice chair before becoming chair of the section, chair of the (India) council and Director of very diverse and growing Region (10). This gave me great understanding about the various perspective of IEEE. Issues related to members, volunteers, governance, conflict management and resolutions.

In each and every leadership positions, I got opportunity of formulating strategies to serve members effectively, which I did by planning and executing plans, teaming up with the volunteers, collaborating with OUs, learning from peers and motivating and developing next generation volunteers.

I have experience of serving as IEEE BoD, member of IEEE Audit Committee and member of MGA Finance committee. As Director, I chaired Region 10 EXCOM and formulated strategies and thrust areas for the growth of IEEE and Region 10. In all these roles,

I have also chaired one Ad Hoc by set up by MGA VP in 2021 and currently serving in 4 more Ad Hocs set up by the IEEE President. I had opportunities working closely with IEEE staff which gave me great understanding of a different perspective about this great organization. I also have experience in working with IEEE HQ staff and Senior Directors of GIEEE, IEEE Office in China, and staffs of Singapore office. We are truly member-centric, volunteer led and staff supported.

My extensive 25 years of IEEE experience in various leadership roles, coupled with my professional and managerial experience of 37 years serving in many senior engineering and managerial positions in a very reputed and leading public sector company of India, where I led multidisciplinary teams on several projects, shall help me greatly in my responsibilities for this position.


Major Accomplishments

Developed Thrust Areas for R10: (1)Member Retention and Continuation of Students to Young Professionals; (2)Section-Chapter Collaborative Programs, Conference Quality and Industry Engagements; (3)Entrepreneurship and Career Advancement Programs.

Focus on educating volunteer leaders – through workshops on Conference leadership(with MCE), Good Governance(with MGA) and 'IEEE digital compliance’(with EEE Experience Design Team). Monthly webinar on trending topics for members. Collaborated with IEEE HAC and invited Humanitarian Projects on Covid-19 related topics focused on technological innovation – 26 projects completed.

Strategies: Identified major concerns of R10 and expectations from sections shared that with Section leadership. R10 committee collaborating with sections to address these.

Diversity and Inclusion: Encouraging DI in R10. Implemented diversity in R10 EXCOM Committees/Subcommittees. R10 team is very diversified and has highest ever number of women volunteers in team along with one physically challenged volunteer.

Developing volunteer leaders: Provided volunteer engagement to 150+diversified group of volunteers at Region level with an objective to develop them as future leaders.

Developed strategies/plans for sustainable growth of IEEE India Council(IC) of 11 sections (now 13 sections) catering to 50000+ members. Registered IC with Government, reviewed its bylaws, organized technical programs, inducted YP and WIE in Council EXCOM and promoted their activities at national level.

Made IC financially self-sustainable and put IC on growth path by identifying and developing volunteer leaders with effective succession planning. IC recognized efforts and awarded 2021IC Life Time Achievement award for outstanding contributions for IEEE India Council.

Developed strategies for chapters, executed the plans to make chapters active, as R10 Chapter Coordinator. New chapter/joint chapters formation(100+), reduction in inactive chapters(16% to 3%) in 2009. Received 2010MGA achievement award with citation - “For his efforts in member development by engaging Region 10 members through enhanced Chapter activities”.

Revived SSIT Newsletter and served its editor (6 years) to make it sustainable.

Position Statement

Member retention is growing concern of IEEE. Those who leave may not encourage others to join IEEE. I strongly believe that our members are ignorant of rich resources of IEEE and they don’t know how to take these resources to their technical and professional advantage. -  “I’ll work on programs to make members and potential members aware about IEEE and its benefits and how to take these to their technical, professional and career advantage by formulating strategies and developing plans for retaining members and making IEEE their professional home throughout the life cycle of a member.” We will work closely with volunteers and staffs as a committee and based on the last 10 years survey results and member data of who leave IEEE. This shall result into the growth in membership with enhanced operational efficiency and effectiveness, within MGA.

Identify challenges, create opportunities, work on plans, execute it by involving volunteers across all regions. Our volunteers are very capable and we need to work with them on solutions. All regions have their own strengths, we have to work on a common and focused platform to discuss, brainstorm and collaborate to incorporate best practices from each other. Some regions are good in retaining members, some are good at recruiting and we need to learn from their success stories. - “I’ll work on developing a platform/forum to facilitate that. This shall result into increase in member engagement, membership growth and strong ties between Regions and consequently with other OUs.”

One of my focus area shall be ‘Educating volunteer leaders on  critical aspects like ‘governance, finances and conferences’. We also need to study to which extent our existing volunteer tools and CLE programs are utilized by the volunteer leaders and thus developing strategies and plans to educate our volunteer leadership so that local geographic units are effectively managed. Also, services and values to IEEE members are catered by a well informed team of local volunteers.

The process of Region Realignment is going on, I am part of Region Realignment Ad Hoc committee and we are moving in right direction by having immediate, medium and long term strategies. I strongly feel that collectively we can find good solution. I’ll work with all regions to find the acceptable solution. I strongly believe that if R1-R10, all regions, work together, solutions could be arrived at. We all have to understand each other to be effective on this issue and I am sure, we’ll be able solve it with one team approach. This effort shall also improve relationships with and among members and result in enhanced collaboration and cooperation with and among IEEE organizational units.

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