The biographies and position statements of the 2020 IEEE Vice President and Vice-President Elect, Member and Geographic Activities candidates are listed below.

Maike Luiken (by petition)

Headshot of Maike Luiken

Maike Luiken
Candidate for MGA Vice President-Elect / MGA Board Chair-Elect

Maike Luiken, Adjunct Professor, Western University, Lambton College, is the founding director of the Bluewater Technology Access Centre (2013-16) following eight years as Dean, Lambton College, (Dean, Technology, Applied Sciences, Apprenticeship, Fire School, Applied Research, 2005; Dean, Applied Research and Innovation, Business Development, Sustainable Development, 2007). As Dean of Technology, she was instrumental in modernising technical laboratories: process simulation, power, distillation, instrumentation and research laboratories.

Maike provided strategic leadership to the development of the applied research capacity and portfolio at Lambton attracting more than 10 million CAD public research funding. As a result, today, Lambton College is one of the premier Research Colleges in Canada.

Prior, Maike was the Vice-President Research Alliances at the National Capital Institute of Telecommunications (NCIT), Ottawa, Canada, responsible for a wide area test network and its upgrades and founding two research alliance networks across industry, business, government and academia - in wireless and photonics.

Maike has more than 30 years of professional experience in teaching, research and educational administration, leadership and community building; especially in linking industry partners, government agencies and researchers in advanced technology initiatives. She has experience in the public and private sectors in Canada, USA, Germany.

Her areas of interest/expertise span diverse technical areas from energy and water, ICT to advanced manufacturing and nanotechnologies. She has particular interest in how progress in one area, e.g. in ICT, enables advances in other disciplines and in how deployment of various technologies contributes – or not - to achieving sustainability.

Maike is/has been serving on numerous Boards of Directors / Committees: Nano Ontario, CHFCA), Bluewater Sustainability Initiative, Rotary Club Sarnia, SOBIN, Sarnia/Lambton Chamber of Commerce, Unmanned Systems Canada.

Managing Director, CARBOVATE Development Corp.; CEO, LUIKEN International Inc.; Fellow, Engineering Institute of Canada; Staatsexamen (Mathematics, Physics), TU Carolo-Wilhelmina, Braunschweig, Germany; Ph.D., Physics, University of Waterloo.



·         IEEE Membership Ad-Hoc, 2019

·         IEEE Internet Initiative (member 2016-18), Policy Track, Vice-Chair 2017, Chair 2018

·         MGA GUOS, 2018

·         MGA OPCOM, 2018-19

·         MGA MBPAC, 2016-17

·         MGA Strategic Direction and Environmental Assessment Committee, 2014-15

·         MGA SAC (2003-04), 2012-14

·         IEEE Sustainability Ad Hoc Committee 2009


·         Region 7 Director, Delegate, 2018-19

·         Region 7 Director-Elect, Delegate-Elect, 2016-17

·         Region 7 Board (2003-05 and 2006-11) and 2015–Present

·         IEEE Canada Central Area Chair, 2015

·         Region 7 Student Activities Chair, (2003-04) and 2012-14

·         IEEE Canadian Foundation Board (ICF) Director (2010-13)

·         ICF Member 2010-present

·         ICF Student Branch Liaison Committee, member, 2010-present

·         ICF Section Liaison Committee, Chair, 2010-present

·         Engineering Institute of Canada, Council Member for IEEE Canada, 2018-19


·         London Section Chair (2006-11)

·         London Section Vice-Chair (2006)    

·         Founding Chair, WIE London Section (2010)

·         Founding Chair, GOLD London Section (2010)

·         Founding Chair, PES Chapter London Section (2010-15)

·         Membership Development, Industrial Relations, London Section

·         Ottawa Section Chair (2005)

·         Ottawa Section Treasurer (2002-04)

·         Ottawa Section Bylaw Subcommittee, Chair, 2001-05

·         Chair, Ottawa Section Jt. Chapter, BT02/CE08/COM19 (2004-05)


·         Branch Counselor Algonquin College (1997-03)

·         Algonquin College Student Branch: Mentor (2003-05)


·         Power & Energy Society (PES), IEEE-PES Climate Change Technology Group, 2009-14

·         PES Rep to Environmental Engineering Initiative (Piuri)


·         EPEC 2015, 2012 London, Ontario, Conference Chair

·         CCECE 2014, Toronto, Publicity Chair

·         CCTC 2015, 2013, Montreal, Organizing Committee

·         IEEE Toronto International Conference – Science and Technology for Humanity:

·         Co-Chair Sustainability Track, 2009; Chair – Academic and Industry Engagement, 2009. 

·         EIT Climate Change Conference 2006, Treasurer, 2004-05. 

·         CCECE 2006, Industrial Relations Chair,

·         Haptic Audio Visual Environments and Their Applications: HAVE 2005 - Industrial Liaison,

·         HAVE 2006 - Industrial Relations,

·         Electrical Power Symposium (EPS) 2006, Industrial Relations.


·         Partnership Group for Science and Engineering (PAGSE), 2004.   


·         IEEE-SA and multiple Societies and Affinity Groups


I bring Commitment, Experience, Knowledge and Time to this role.

Knowledge of IEEE:

·         familiar with many IEEE processes. issues, concerns, goals, organizational structure – not limited to MGA,

·         familiar with good governance,

·         familiar with details of mandates/operations of IEEE and MGA Boards,

·         familiar with TAB, conferences, IEEE-SA, IEEE-USA, PSPB, EA,

·         familiar with membership segments and geographical differences across IEEE membership,

·         accustomed to work with volunteers and staff.


·         senior management (IEEE BoD, Department Chair, VP, Dean),

·         policy development, (3I, Lambton College): IP, Harassment, Code of Conduct, Research Ethics,

·         IEEE volunteer at Student Branch, Chapter, Affinity Group, Section, Area, Society, Region, MGA Board, IEEE Board and various Committee levels,

·         development and revisions of Bylaws /Operations Manuals (R7, UVS Canada),

·         working culture: participation on IEEE Committees: staff and volunteers (3I, MBPAC, GUOS etc.),

·         leadership and motivation (built research alliances – industry, government, academia – each with about 2000 members; delivered approximately 70 metropolitan area workshops with volunteer teams),

·         change leadership and management,

·         multicultural engagement, 

·         significant international activities – multilingual.


I bring to the table:

·         strong Interpersonal and communication skills,

·         pro-active, optimistic, collaborative can-do attitude with high professional standards,

·         group facilitation skills and consensus-building abilities,

·         good analytical/critical thinking skills,

·         strategic thinking ability - on a system and system of systems level: big picture thinker,

·         detail orientation while keeping the ‘big picture’ in focus,

·         organization building skills,

·         ability to adhere to confidentiality requirements and observance of transparency – as indicated,

·         commitment to succeed,

·         time to carry out the work,

·         commitment to adhere to integrity, high ethical standards and to deliver on the goals, mission and vision of IEEE within the MGA mandate.


For all accomplishments I gratefully acknowledge the collaboration and support from many fellow volunteers; so many have been instrumental to my being able to be a catalyst of change.

As Region Director-Elect:

·         worked on implementing strategic planning into IEEE Canada’s operations

·         led the streamlining of award/volunteer nomination processes

As MPAC member:

·         contributed to new tools for benefit assessments

As 3I Policy Track Vice-Chair

·         led ETAP Namibia

·         brought 5 position statements to the IEEE Board

 As Chair/Treasurer, Ottawa Section:

·         instrumental in founding the WIE Affinity Group/Ottawa Section

·         Restructured section’s financial administration system - Introduction of OU-based (project-based) accounting for Ottawa Section (~2003)

As Chair, London Section:

·         led the re-vitalization of London Section starting in 2006

·         founded WIE and Gold Affinity Groups, PES Chapter, 2010.

·         organized about 80 seminars in Sustainability Seminar Series since 2006.

As Region 7 SAC Chair:

·            contributed significantly to the streamlining of the IEEE SAC awards process.           

·            As RAB Student Activities Committee member proposed framework for Graduate

·            Student Member grade within a small working group. (same proposal may well have

·            been developed elsewhere as well – I do not claim ownership)

·            Commenced negotiations with TELUS for annual “IEEE Canada - TELUS Innovation

·            Award” for R7 student members, defining competition parameters with student

·            representative, Lori Hogan - first prize CAD$10,000.

As IEEE Canadian Review Associate Editor/Focus Advisor:

·            instrumental in creation of Focus Sections of ICR starting 2013

·            Served on conference organizing committees – notably General Chair, EPEC 2012, 2015

The engagement with the Ottawa and London Sections resulted in AWARDS received on behalf of Ottawa and London Sections (as Section Chair):

·            RAB Outstanding Large Section Award, Ottawa,2005

·            IEEE Canada Exemplary Small Section Award, London, 2008, 2011

·            MGA Outstanding Small Section Award for London Section, 2011


I would address these points - more to be developed:

Strengthening Activities for Members at the local level (local may require different logistics by location):

Members are the core of IEEE. MGA’s mandate is to engage members, keep members engaged and attract new members, using a multitude of programming, mostly directed at specific membership segments:

Engagement of members and non-members happens through:

-   Societies – publishing, knowledge sharing

-   Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

-   Social activities (meet-ups)

-   Standards

-   Training

-   Projects (Humanitarian, EPICS)

-   Competitions

-   Awards

-   Volunteering

-   Other benefits (insurance, etc.)

The delivery is accomplished through volunteers supported by staff.

Most of these programs rely on ‘Activities at the Section/Chapter/Affinity Group/Student Branch and Student Branch Chapter level’. Their success relies critically on the local volunteers. For many interactions IEEE’s ‘frontline workers are volunteers’.

Herein lies the opportunity to do better (currently, only a fraction of local members participate in local events – why?) - and a risk of failure:

We need to

1. invest more in training for volunteers and succession,

2. ensure volunteers have professional tools to manage relations with members, community members, sponsors, donors, exhibitors, facilities etc.

3. collaborate with TAB – societies, affinity groups – to improve local cross- disciplinary activities and training of volunteers,

4. provide volunteers with a staff contact. Local volunteers usually have no idea whom to talk to at IEEE staff about ‘whatever question or issue they have’.

Marketing Membership Benefits:

Member benefits need to be clear (on the website and in other materials)

I suggest, marketing to address

The knowledge space:

- access to information/knowledge related to the profession from high level Spectrum to in-depth information through Society membership, conferences etc,

- opportunities to share knowledge – publications, conferences, knowledge development and exchange platforms (Collabratec) 

- opportunities to share data (DataPort)

The Career Success space:

-   training, including certification, related to succeeding in a professional job/role

o   Leadership

o   Ethics/Diversity

o   Local Regulations

o   others

The Operational and Personal Space:

-  32 Gig of advertisement free storage, all the tools associated with the membership package

-  Resume lab – this is a tool not only for graduating students – many members change jobs multiple times during their career

-  Professional e-mail address with excellent SPAM filtering

-  Insurance packages

New/different Member Benefits:

1.    Claim: IEEE should be the Professional Home for the Professional Technologist:

-      Let’s provide space for and access to a Personal Professional Portfolio. Detailed description is available.

2.  How to address industry, young professionals and other segments? I need to do more work to address these questions adequately:


-      Awards for the under forty … professional and volunteer

Mobility tools … certification, insurance, communications, technical updates

(regulation etc.) for new jurisdictions…

Sections Congress and Sections Congress Recommendations; ideas -> actions

Mine the Sections Congress opportunity thoroughly:

-      Training volunteers

-      Mining the recommendations process: understand and address the different needs around the globe.

Collaboration and Cooperation with other IEEE Boards/OUs


In 2020, I will be Region 7 Past-Director / IEEE Canada Past-President

In addition to 3 MGA positions, I have been nominated for 7 positions at the level of the IEEE nomination and appointment committee, including VP EA, VP Pubs and IEEE Secretary. My first choice is MGA Vice President-Elect/ Board Chair-Elect.

No Conflict of Interest anticipated

Karen Sue Pedersen

Headshot of Karen Pedersen

Karen Pedersen
Candidate for MGA Vice President-Elect / MGA Board Chair-Elect

Karen Pedersen, P.E., F.N.S.P.E. has over 35 years in the Utility Industry; as a planner and rate research engineer in 3 large utilities in Iowa and Massachusetts.  She led teams of engineers on electric system projects to build transmission and distribution substations costing millions of dollars.  

Karen taught Power Systems Analysis online as Adjunct Professor for the University of Alaska in Anchorage.  She was an Instructor for Wentworth Technology in Boston teaching online continuing education courses (Electric Motor Controls, Power System Analysis, and Transients).

Karen was President of the Massachusetts Society of Professional Engineers, MSPE, in Boston.  She is an NSPE (National Society of Professional Engineers) Fellow and served 7 years on the NSPE Educational Foundation Board of Directors.  She served on the NSPE Executive Board as the North Central Vice President for two years and as the PEI, Professional Engineers in Industry for one year.

She received a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.  She received an M.B.A. with a concentration in Economics from Bentley College in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Karen is currently licensed as a Professional Engineer (Iowa-10074), Licensed Professional Engineer (Illinois-062-052517), Registered Professional Engineer (Massachusetts-32371), and Texas Professional Engineer (Texas-132264)


·         IEEE-USA Awards Committee member 1/1/07–12/31/10

·         IEEE-USA Board of Directors, Director Region 4 1/1/13-12/31/14

·         IEEE-USA ad-hoc External Award Chair 1/1/11-12/31/11

·         IEEE-USA President-Elect, 1/1/2016-12/31/31/2016

·         IEEE-USA President, 1/1/2017-12/31/2017

·         IEEE-USA Past President 1/1/2018-12/31/2018

·         IEEE-USA Chair N & A Committee 1/1/2019-12/31/2019

·         MGA Awards and Recognition Committee corresponding member 1/1/07-12/31/08

·         MGA Awards and Recognition Committee member 1/1/09 –12/31/10

·         MGA Strategic Direction and Environmental Assessment Committee 1/1/10–12/31/10

·         MGA Member Engagement and Life Cycle Committee, Member 1/1/11-12/31/12

·         MGA Awards Policy and Planning Committee, Member 1/1/11-12/31/12

·         MGA Awards Board, MGA Chair 1/1/11-12/31/12

·         MGA Awards Board, Board of Director Liaison 1/1/13-12/31/13

·         MGA Metro Area Workshop (MAW) Project Lead 1/1/13-12/31/13

·         MGA Ad Hoc: Metro Area Workshop in a Box, Project Lead 1/1/13-12/31/15

·         MGA GUOS Committee 1/1/15-12/31/2015

·         MGA Board of Directors, Region 4 Director 1/1/13-12/31/2014

·         MGA “Practitioners” Ad Hoc, Member 1/1/15-12/31/15

·         MGA Strategic Planning Committee, Member 1/1/2019-12/31/2019

·         IEEE Brand Ambassador 1/1/12-Present

·         IEEE AdHoc Ethics and Compliance Management Committee 1/1/13-12/31/2013

·         IEEE Awards Board- IEEE BOD Liaison 1/1/13-12/31/2014

·         IEEE AdHoc Code of Conduct and Policy Review Committee 1/1/14-12/31/2014

·         IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct Committee-IEEE BOD Liaison 1/1/14-12/31/2014

·         IEEE Board of Directors, Region 4 Director 1/1/13-12/31/2014

·         IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct Committee 1/1/15-12/31/2015

·         IEEE Board of Directors, USA President, 1/1/2017-12/31/2017

·         IEEE N & A Committee, IEEE-USA member, 1/1/2019-12/31/2019

·         IEEE Diversity-Inclusion-Ethics Committee, Member, 1/1/2019-12/31/2019

·         IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct Committee Chair 1/1/2019-12/31/2019


I was President of IEEE-USA, as such we brought the budget into alignment with the strategic plan and produced a balanced five-year budget.  As such I was on the IEEE Board of Directors.

I was Director of Region 4 2013-2014 and as such on the IEEE-USA Board of Directors, MGA Board of Directors, and IEEE Board of Directors. Member of the Ad Hoc Ethics and Compliance Committee in 2013 in which we received approval of the current Code of Ethics.

Chair of the Ad Hoc Code of Conduct and Policy Review Committee 2014. The committee received Board of Directors approval of the current Code of Conduct and resolved conflicts with policies on the subject. Sat on the MGA GUOS committee and the IEEE EMCC.

I was IEEE Board of Director Liaison on the IEEE Awards Board 2013. I was an At-Large member of the Awards Board. Chair of the MGA Awards and Recognition Committee 2 years and Past Chair for 2 years.

Chair of the Metro Area Workshops for 3 years. I was the Region 1-6 member of the MGA Operations Committee. We expanded Metro Area Workshops outside of Regions 1 thru 6. Bangalore and France held MAWs in 2014. Japan produced a MAW in the spring of 2015.

Outside of IEEE, I was Member-at-large on the NSPE Educational Foundation for 7 years. I was the President of the Massachusetts Society of Professional Engineers. I was Vice President of Professional Engineers in Industry one year and Vice President of North Central Professional Engineers for two years on the National Society of Professional Engineers Board of Directors.


·         Offered an Awards and Recognition Workshop for Region 4. Authored “Award Nomination Process.” This is available to all IEEE members on the Region 4 Awards Web Page. It guides the member through the process of choosing the award and level of the award to nominate the outstanding member whether it is Region 4, IEEE-USA, MGA or other IEEE organizational units.

·         As Region 4 Director, added training webcasts to the Region 4 January meeting. Three training sessions were offered to Section leadership, one in the use VTools, one in the use of netsuite and one for Section Chairs in best practices. This was in response to complaints and concerns by section leadership. The attendees voted it a success by staying the whole 90 minutes and asking for SAMIEEE training.

·         As Region 4 Director, placed as many Young Professionals and mid-career volunteers in Region 4 chair positions as possible while retaining more mature volunteers in appropriate positions. The goal is to maintain a continuity in experience while bringing in new young professionals.

·         I served as a member of the 2010 MGA Strategic Management and Analysis Committee. I served on the MGA GUOS committee.

·         Served as the Chair of the Code of Conduct and Policy Review Committee in 2014. We produced a new Code of Conduct and set in place training to be used by all volunteers. The policies related to ethics and Code of Conduct are now consistent and duplications have been removed.

·         Served as IEEE-USA President in 2017.  We brought the IEEE-USA budget into alignment with the strategic plan and a balanced five-year budget was created for the first time in many years.


MGA serves the IEEE world managing membership, recruitment, sections, chapters, affinity groups, and student branches.  As such, it is essential that MGA be in the fore front in the professional world they work in.  As the members’ world evolves, so should MGA.

As MGA Vice-President-Elect, I would work toward helping MGA make the necessary adjustments to serve all members in all countries IEEE serves.



Bernard Sander

Headshot of Bernard Sander

Bernard Sander
Candidate for MGA Vice President-Elect / MGA Board Chair-Elect

Dr. Bernard (Bernie) Sander is retired from Bell Laboratories and Lucent Technologies where he spent over 31 years in the development of radar and switching systems. Bernie has held several technical and management positions with Bell Labs/Lucent, including hardware and software development in wire-line and CDMA switching, systems engineering and project management.  Projects included many successful international deliveries.  In retirement, Bernie has consulted at Northwestern and Marquette Universities in the design and construction of equipment used for research in human movement studies.

Bernie has been recognized for outstanding personal commitment and contributions to Affirmative Action at Bell Labs-Indian Hill.  He was also recognized in 2013 with the IEEE Regional Professional Leadership Award.  Bernie and his wife Toni of 50 years have volunteered in outreach programs to couples preparing for marriage and in marriage enrichment.  They have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. In their retirement, Bernie and Toni have volunteered their time and talent to a number of ventures – including time in Rwanda where Bernie helped establish a Rwanda Student Branch.  Dr. Sander has degrees in Electrical Engineering from St. Louis University(BS), California Institute of Technology(MS) and Washington University in St. Louis (DSc).


·         IEEE TAB/PSPB Publications and Services Committee: Liaison to MGA – 2019

·         IEEE Member of the Awards Committee – 2015-2018

·         IEEE Eta Kappa Nu – Elected 1965 – 2018-2019 Secretary to Board of Governors – Member of MGA Alignment Committee.

·         IEEE MGA Reorganization Committee – 2018

·         IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee 2017-2018 – Liaison to IEEE Board

·         IEEE-USA Regional Professional Leadership Award 2013 (for leadership in expanding the Science Kits for Public Libraries Program in Region 4)

·         IEEE Technical Conference and Exhibition Program Committee - 2015

·         IEEE Life Senior Member 2010 (Continuous Member since undergraduate)

·         IEEE Leadership Positions:

·         IEEE Region 4 Director 2017-2018

·         IEEE Region 4 Director-Elect 2015-2016

·         IEEE Central Area Support Chair 2010-2014

·         IEEE Region 4 Treasurer 2011-2014

·         IEEE-USA Awards Committee Chair 2016

·         IEEE Chicago Section Chair 2008-2009

·         IEEE Chicago Section Vice-Chair 2007-2008IEEE Chicago Section Treasurer 2006-2007

·         IEEE Section – Fox Valley Subsection Chair 2005-2006


I have had management experience both as a technical manager at Bell Labs and as a volunteer, board member and director in IEEE and in other non-profit organizations.

In those roles, I have developed skills in motivating and managing volunteers. I have had the opportunity to work with diverse teams spread across the globe – providing challenges and opportunities in helping team members reach goals and build skills and expertise in becoming leaders themselves. As a volunteer and Region Director, I have developed skills in managing a team of volunteers and running successful meetings – some face to face but particularly webex meetings. I have had the opportunity to visit regions around the world and to work closely with IEEE in Africa (6 months in Rwanda). These experiences have given me an appreciation for the range of challenges and opportunities faced by a global organization like the IEEE.

I am a patient listener and have demonstrated ability to build relationships and consensus among global diverse teams. I have been recognized for leadership skills both by my employer and by IEEE-USA. A recognition I received that I am most proud of is an award from the Indian Hill Affirmative Action Committee – a team with many diverse representatives. I am open to new ideas and am quite willing to fund trials of new ideas as demonstrated by the organization structure trials within Region 4. In those trials, we experienced some success but also are still learning from our failures.

I have 4 years’ experience as treasurer and director of Region 4 and have developed an appreciation of the financial challenges faced by IEEE. My experience as on IEEE officer and member of the board has given me an appreciation of flexibility and inflexibility of IEEE.


·         Modified structure of Region 4 in creating teams focused on specific goals – Member Engagement, Unit Engagement and Member Retention.  There have been successes with the Unit Engagement team and with the Member Retention.  These trials continue with modified objectives.

·         Use of Region 4 reserves to fund trials to incent changes within the region.  These funded trials are intended as learning opportunities for the development of new operational behavior that are sustainable.  The trial and funding have been approved by the region excom but results are still preliminary.

·         Established a student branch in Rwanda.  This was something I took on during a 6 month volunteer gig in Rwanda with my wife.  It was challenging and a great learning experience.  I came away with a new appreciation of the challenges for IEEE in Africa but also the potential.  I was also fortunate in being invited to some of the Africa subcommittee meetings where I made some great life long friends.

·         The establishment of joint R4/R6 region meetings.  It has been a great opportunity to share ideas and experiences.  It has facilitated the circle of contacts for volunteers within the 2 regions and has enriched the kinds of experiences and events within the regions.

·         Volunteering as a Board member for the early Science Kits for Public Libraries was a rewarding and challenging effort.  It seemed like we needed to invent everything as we launched the effort.  The effort has been recognized with several leadership and team awards.


IEEE Member and Geographic Areas faces some very real challenges as the world seems to be changing faster than IEEE can change.  Perhaps we are nearing a crossroad like that faced by the auto industry.  For example, Ford and GM were building some of the best and safest cars (e.g. Impala, Taurus) in their history but they were not selling.   IEEE has a wide range of products and services and wins awards every year for its publications and is recognized for the quality of its conferences and standards.  But our membership numbers seem to continue a slow decline and industry support is lukewarm at best.  Our range of services sometimes seems like we are trying to do everything for everybody.  The auto industry is making changes to be nimbler and more focused.  There may be some lessons in these experiences for IEEE.

As your MGA VP, I would work with the volunteers and staff to identify and champion changes in our IEEE that build on our strengths and change us as an organization that is focused on enriching the careers and lives of our volunteer members.  I would support the establishment of small teams per product or group of services.  Each team would have decision making authority and budget in building a culture of responsiveness to the changing needs of our members. I also support doing trials to see if ideas including the concept of teams works?  I am also open to engaging outside help or consultants if we believe it would help.

A primary theme of my term as Vice Chair would be in ensuring that our focus and measures of success truly drives the participation of those members we are trying to engage. IEEE’s measure of vitality needs to include dimensions of engagement that excite and motivate our members. IEEE members do want to make a difference and are motivated by our mission statement.  The challenge for us is to find ways to enable members to accomplish the mission. As we develop an understanding of what excites the new and potential members, we need to rapidly respond to those needs with platforms, opportunities and training.

IEEE, in accomplishing its mission of advancing technology for humanity has provided me with many opportunities to grow professionally and to change the world.  I look forward to the opportunity to continue contributing to a wonderful and vital organization.  Thank you for your support.


No conflict of interest.

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